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Feature Type: Dams

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
A C M DamDamN35.6984°W96.7886°1750803View Map
Ada City DamDamN34.7668°W96.6503°1751850View Map
Adams DamDamN35.6467°W99.1954°1755521View Map
Adams Lake DamDamN36.9450°W96.5586°1753916View Map
Adams Ranch Airport Lake DamDamN36.9534°W96.5503°1753918View Map
Airport Lake DamDamN35.4268°W96.2836°1751312View Map
Al Salyer DamDamN35.0317°W97.2570°1754314View Map
Allen Gss Number 1 DamDamN34.8501°W97.2303°1755615View Map
Allen Gss Number 2 DamDamN34.2234°W97.8486°1755617View Map
Allen Sportsman DamDamN34.8418°W96.4503°1751852View Map
Allison DamDamN35.4000°W99.7204°1757813View Map
Alttawanna DamDamN35.8934°W97.6003°1752735View Map
Altus City Reservoir DamDamN34.6551°W99.3170°1755813View Map
Altus DamDamN34.8867°W99.2960°1089601View Map
Altus Reservoir DamDamN34.6551°W99.3170°1751941View Map
Aluma DamDamN35.5334°W97.4503°1751074View Map
American Horse Lake DamDamN35.6284°W98.5053°1757985View Map
Ames DamDamN36.5034°W99.1437°1755201View Map
Amos Construction Company DamDamN34.4118°W97.0836°1751330View Map
Anderson Lake DamDamN33.9218°W96.2936°1757893View Map
Antwine Lake DamDamN36.6500°W97.2237°1754096View Map
Arbuckle Lake DamDamN34.4334°W97.0278°1089685View Map
Ardmore Rod and Gun Club Lake DamDamN34.2251°W97.1370°1751196View Map
Art Kane DamDamN35.0301°W99.9004°1755669View Map
Atoka County DamDamN34.4651°W95.9203°1757989View Map
Atoka Lake DamDamN34.4168°W96.1536°1757981View Map
Atoka Reservoir DamDamN34.4351°W96.0819°1757949View Map
Audrey Crown DamDamN35.1851°W96.8836°1754294View Map
Avant Water Supply Lake DamDamN36.4886°W96.0282°1751138View Map
Bachman DamDamN35.9134°W99.8471°1755442View Map
Baker DamDamN35.4550°W99.7470°1755416View Map
Banks Humble Lake Number 1 DamDamN34.3851°W97.3203°1751336View Map
Bar-Dew DamDamN36.8201°W96.0003°1751442View Map
Barby Number 18 DamDamN36.7917°W100.1604°1757995View Map
Barby Number 3 DamDamN36.7867°W100.1887°1757997View Map
Barby Number 5 DamDamN36.7600°W100.2371°1757999View Map
Barby Sargent Number 1 DamDamN36.9267°W100.2138°1755155View Map
Barby Sargent Number 3 DamDamN36.9300°W100.1804°1758007View Map
Barnes Number 3 DamDamN36.0134°W99.2220°1757525View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.8434°W99.3004°1758932View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 10 DamDamN35.8134°W99.1304°1758914View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 101 DamDamN35.8184°W98.9970°1755270View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 105 DamDamN35.7567°W99.0337°1751770View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.8284°W99.0704°1758912View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 113 DamDamN35.8567°W99.2254°1755272View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 114 DamDamN35.8434°W99.2137°1755274View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 115 DamDamN35.8467°W99.3104°1755276View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.8284°W99.0620°1758910View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 13 DamDamN35.8334°W99.0354°1758908View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 14 DamDamN35.8367°W99.0204°1758906View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 14 DamDamN35.8584°W99.3087°1758930View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 15 DamDamN35.8217°W99.0154°1758904View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 15a DamDamN35.8334°W98.9937°1758902View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 16 DamDamN35.7850°W99.1354°1758800View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 17 DamDamN35.7967°W99.0970°1758802View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 18 DamDamN35.7734°W99.0920°1758804View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 19 DamDamN35.7684°W99.1320°1758806View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.8484°W99.2937°1758928View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 20 DamDamN35.7584°W99.1404°1758900View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 21 DamDamN35.7434°W99.1187°1758898View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 22 DamDamN35.7217°W99.1237°1758896View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 23 DamDamN35.8100°W99.0687°1758894View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 24 DamDamN35.7900°W99.0870°1758892View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 25 DamDamN35.7734°W99.0704°1758890View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 27 DamDamN35.8000°W99.0504°1758888View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 28 DamDamN35.8000°W99.0220°1758886View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 29 DamDamN35.7434°W99.0854°1758884View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.8500°W99.2820°1758926View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 30 DamDamN35.7517°W99.0537°1758882View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 31 DamDamN35.7600°W99.0204°1758880View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 32 DamDamN35.7250°W99.0654°1758878View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 33 DamDamN35.7250°W99.0654°1758876View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 34 DamDamN35.6867°W99.0554°1758874View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 35 DamDamN35.7934°W99.2437°1758872View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 36 DamDamN35.7884°W99.2387°1758870View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 37 DamDamN35.7717°W99.1837°1758868View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 38 DamDamN35.7717°W99.1737°1758866View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 39 DamDamN35.7500°W99.2370°1758864View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 40 DamDamN35.7734°W99.2154°1758862View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 42 DamDamN35.7400°W99.2420°1758844View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 43 DamDamN35.7200°W99.2354°1758842View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 44 DamDamN35.7334°W99.6704°1758840View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 45 DamDamN35.7100°W99.2004°1758838View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 46 DamDamN35.7184°W99.6604°1758836View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 47 DamDamN35.6984°W99.1537°1758834View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 49 DamDamN35.6900°W99.1687°1758830View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.8434°W99.2670°1758924View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 50 DamDamN35.6834°W99.1387°1758828View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 51 DamDamN35.6700°W99.1854°1754735View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 52 DamDamN35.6684°W99.1237°1758826View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 53 DamDamN35.6617°W99.1837°1758824View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 54 DamDamN35.6484°W99.1570°1758822View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 55 DamDamN35.6484°W99.1320°1758820View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 56 DamDamN35.6334°W99.1120°1758818View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 57 DamDamN35.6134°W99.1137°1758816View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 58 DamDamN35.6100°W99.1020°1758814View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 59 DamDamN35.6117°W99.0804°1758812View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.8217°W99.2637°1758922View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 60 DamDamN35.5850°W99.5104°1758810View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 61 DamDamN35.5750°W99.0654°1758808View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 62 DamDamN35.5584°W99.0687°1758846View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 63 DamDamN35.5500°W99.0504°1758848View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 64 DamDamN35.5467°W99.0504°1758850View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 65 DamDamN35.7050°W99.0370°1758852View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 66 DamDamN35.5800°W99.0270°1758854View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 67 DamDamN35.5017°W99.0087°1758856View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 68 DamDamN35.6667°W99.0270°1758858View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.8350°W99.2504°1758920View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 70 DamDamN35.6584°W99.0470°1758860View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 71 DamDamN35.8067°W99.1920°1758798View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.8234°W99.2137°1758918View Map
Barnitz Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.8167°W99.2104°1758916View Map
Barnitz Creek Site L73 DamDamN35.5084°W99.0337°1751712View Map
Barntiz Creek Site 48 DamDamN35.6984°W99.2020°1758832View Map
Battle Springs Lake DamDamN34.0501°W97.3003°1751332View Map
Bear Creek Site 101 DamDamN35.4467°W98.8504°1754432View Map
Bear Creek Site 102 DamDamN35.4317°W98.8654°1754933View Map
Bear Creek Site 14 DamDamN35.5551°W98.8620°1758462View Map
Bear Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.4534°W98.8820°1756741View Map
Bear Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.4734°W98.8870°1758474View Map
Bear Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.4884°W98.8870°1758472View Map
Bear Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.4951°W98.8937°1758470View Map
Bear Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.5267°W98.9154°1758468View Map
Bear Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.5434°W98.8837°1758466View Map
Bear Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.5517°W98.8787°1758464View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.7301°W97.1103°1750767View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 10 DamDamN35.8501°W97.2853°1757733View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.8501°W97.2953°1757735View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.8451°W97.3453°1757737View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 13 DamDamN35.8167°W97.3370°1757739View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 14 DamDamN35.8201°W97.3236°1757741View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 15r DamDamN35.8317°W97.2686°1757755View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 16 DamDamN35.8217°W97.2520°1757743View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 17 DamDamN35.7951°W97.1670°1757745View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 18 DamDamN35.7801°W97.1420°1757747View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 19r DamDamN35.7501°W97.1370°1757749View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 20 DamDamN35.7267°W97.1686°1757751View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 21 DamDamN35.7417°W97.1836°1757753View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 22 DamDamN35.7551°W97.1920°1757757View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 23 DamDamN35.7551°W97.1920°1757759View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 24r DamDamN35.7717°W97.2153°1757761View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 25 DamDamN35.7651°W97.2153°1757763View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 26 DamDamN35.7467°W97.2253°1757765View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 27 DamDamN35.7351°W97.2136°1757767View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 28 DamDamN35.7584°W97.2770°1757769View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 29 DamDamN35.7651°W97.2970°1757771View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 2r DamDamN35.7767°W97.0870°1750765View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 30 DamDamN35.7484°W97.2886°1757773View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 31 DamDamN35.7317°W97.2720°1757775View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 32 DamDamN35.7217°W97.2586°1751058View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 3r DamDamN35.8001°W97.1220°1757795View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 5r DamDamN35.8101°W97.1386°1757723View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.8084°W97.1703°1757725View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.8367°W97.1970°1757727View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.8451°W97.2270°1757729View Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.8484°W97.2553°1757731View Map
Bear Falls DamDamN34.5001°W96.9586°1756328View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 12 DamDamN34.8984°W97.6053°1758988View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 1x DamDamN34.8901°W97.6220°1756403View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 1y DamDamN34.8951°W97.6186°1756405View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 2 DamDamN34.8467°W97.6520°1758347View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 3 DamDamN34.8434°W97.6270°1758345View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 3a DamDamN34.8834°W97.6370°1759115View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 4 DamDamN34.8434°W97.6386°1758343View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 5 DamDamN34.8734°W97.5986°1759113View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 6 DamDamN34.8851°W97.5903°1759111View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 7 DamDamN34.8934°W97.5703°1759109View Map
Bear Hybarger Site 8 DamDamN34.5584°W97.4936°1759107View Map
Beaty DamDamN35.6117°W99.6387°1755432View Map
Beaver Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.7117°W98.9904°1758526View Map
Beaver Creek Site 10 DamDamN35.6100°W98.9404°1758550View Map
Beaver Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.6284°W98.8987°1758548View Map
Beaver Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.6084°W98.9254°1758546View Map
Beaver Creek Site 13a DamDamN35.5734°W98.9337°1758554View Map
Beaver Creek Site 2a DamDamN35.6850°W98.9837°1758528View Map
Beaver Creek Site 2b DamDamN35.6900°W98.9820°1758530View Map
Beaver Creek Site 2c DamDamN35.6784°W98.9887°1758532View Map
Beaver Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.6484°W98.9704°1758534View Map
Beaver Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.6084°W98.9704°1755809View Map
Beaver Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.5917°W98.9704°1758538View Map
Beaver Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.6850°W98.9554°1758540View Map
Beaver Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.6834°W98.9237°1758542View Map
Beaver Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.6400°W98.9387°1758544View Map
Beaver Creek Site 9a DamDamN35.6884°W98.9204°1758552View Map
Beaver Dam Creek Site 1DamN35.5600°W99.5954°1751044View Map
Beaver Dam Creek Site 2DamN35.5667°W99.6004°1751038View Map
Beaver Dam Creek Site 3DamN35.5850°W99.6270°1751040View Map
Beaver Dam Creek Site 5DamN35.6184°W99.6154°1756697View Map
Beaver Dam Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.6534°W99.6420°1756699View Map
Beggs DamDamN35.7268°W96.0569°1751866View Map
Bell Lake DamDamN36.4534°W98.8720°1754256View Map
Bell Mere DamDamN35.0217°W97.2586°1751152View Map
Belle Isle DamDamN35.5284°W97.5353°1751046View Map
Ben Huffman DamDamN35.1951°W96.0069°1754144View Map
Benson Number 3 DamDamN36.7717°W99.0254°1751246View Map
Big Caney Creek Site 11 DamDamN36.9867°W96.5503°1755121View Map
Big Kiowa Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.5500°W99.4170°1756621View Map
Big Kiowa Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.5334°W99.4454°1756623View Map
Big Kiowa Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.5050°W99.4470°1757839View Map
Big Kiowa Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.5534°W99.4537°1756619View Map
Big Kiowa Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.5634°W99.4137°1756617View Map
Big Kiowa Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.5800°W99.4704°1756615View Map
Big Timber Lakes East DamDamN36.5117°W98.4320°1752983View Map
Big Timber Lakes West DamDamN36.5117°W98.4337°1752981View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.2434°W96.7653°1757205View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 10 DamDamN35.2551°W96.6203°1757203View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.1817°W96.6236°1757207View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.1567°W96.6253°1757209View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 13 DamDamN35.2134°W96.6120°1757211View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 15 DamDamN35.1851°W96.5870°1757213View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 16 DamDamN35.5851°W96.6653°1757215View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 17 DamDamN35.1784°W96.5720°1757217View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 18 DamDamN35.1801°W96.5553°1757247View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 19 DamDamN35.1551°W96.5570°1757245View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.2351°W96.7503°1757189View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 20 DamDamN35.1401°W96.5653°1757243View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 21 DamDamN35.1401°W96.5520°1757241View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 22 DamDamN35.2017°W96.5436°1757239View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 23 DamDamN35.2384°W96.5336°1757237View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 24 DamDamN35.2334°W96.5203°1757235View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 25 DamDamN35.2217°W96.5103°1757233View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 26 DamDamN35.1317°W96.5203°1757231View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 27 DamDamN35.1817°W96.5003°1757229View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 28 DamDamN35.0901°W96.5020°1757227View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 29 DamDamN35.2067°W96.4836°1757225View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.2551°W96.7036°1757187View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 30 DamDamN35.1151°W96.4770°1750936View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 31 DamDamN35.2384°W96.4736°1757223View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 32 DamDamN35.1784°W96.4370°1757221View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 33 DamDamN35.1267°W96.4420°1757219View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 34 DamDamN35.2301°W96.4253°1750938View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 35 DamDamN35.1284°W96.4186°1750940View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 36 DamDamN35.1267°W96.4120°1750942View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 37 DamDamN35.1151°W96.3903°1750944View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 38 DamDamN35.1301°W96.3753°1750948View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 39 DamDamN35.2201°W96.3736°1750946View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.2067°W96.7153°1757193View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 40 DamDamN35.2201°W96.3553°1750950View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 41 DamDamN35.1418°W96.3486°1750952View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 42 DamDamN35.1818°W96.3070°1750954View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.2651°W96.6836°1757191View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.2034°W96.6886°1757195View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.1767°W96.6836°1757197View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.1717°W96.6753°1757199View Map
Big Wewoka Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.2717°W96.6536°1757201View Map
Biggy Creek Watershed Site 2 DamDamN35.3267°W98.9270°1756815View Map
Bill Garms DamDamN35.6084°W97.8087°1754270View Map
Bill Hopper Lake DamDamN34.7184°W95.8186°1755533View Map
Bill Lake DamDamN34.5868°W96.2169°1752383View Map
Bill Sherrill DamDamN35.8900°W99.9221°1755673View Map
Billy Yardbrough DamDamN34.8518°W96.4520°1754396View Map
Bingham DamDamN36.5850°W99.0870°1755209View Map
Birch DamDamN36.5351°W96.1586°1754452View Map
Bitter Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.0801°W97.8553°1754647View Map
Bitter Creek Site 10 DamDamN35.1951°W97.7920°1754657View Map
Bitter Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.1901°W97.7820°1754659View Map
Bitter Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.1384°W97.8053°1754661View Map
Bitter Creek Site 14 DamDamN35.0967°W97.7637°1754663View Map
Bitter Creek Site 15 DamDamN35.1034°W97.7537°1754665View Map
Bitter Creek Site 16 DamDamN35.0984°W97.7537°1754667View Map
Bitter Creek Site 17 DamDamN35.0784°W97.7737°1754669View Map
Bitter Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.1367°W97.8653°1758097View Map
Bitter Creek Site 20 DamDamN35.0401°W97.8087°1754671View Map
Bitter Creek Site 21 DamDamN35.0284°W97.8170°1754673View Map
Bitter Creek Site 22 DamDamN35.0284°W97.8170°1754675View Map
Bitter Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.1467°W97.8487°1754649View Map
Bitter Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.1784°W97.8420°1754651View Map
Bitter Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.2217°W97.8370°1754653View Map
Bitter Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.2217°W97.8237°1758095View Map
Bitter Creek Site 8b DamDamN35.2134°W97.7920°1754655View Map
Bitter Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.1701°W97.8353°1758093View Map
Bixhoma DamDamN35.8951°W95.7953°1750996View Map
Blue River DamDamN34.0637°W96.3428°1090293View Map
Blue Stem DamDamN35.5867°W97.6203°1751060View Map
Bluestem DamDamN36.6934°W96.3953°1751136View Map
Bluestem Lake DamDamN34.5284°W96.0219°1757979View Map
Boatner Lake DamDamN33.8751°W96.2936°1755747View Map
Bob Decker DamDamN35.6617°W98.7754°1755506View Map
Bob Moran DamDamN34.8567°W99.8037°1755695View Map
Bob White DamDamN35.4334°W96.9486°1754296View Map
Bobcat Lake DamDamN34.1734°W96.6786°1755934View Map
Boecher Lake DamDamN35.9384°W98.4237°1757983View Map
Boggess Erosion Control Number 1 DamDamN35.9034°W98.9770°1755248View Map
Boggess Number 2 DamDamN35.9034°W98.9120°1755250View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 1 DamDamN35.3134°W98.9120°1756817View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 10 DamDamN35.3584°W99.0254°1756801View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 11 DamDamN35.3517°W99.0637°1756799View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 12 DamDamN35.3384°W99.0837°1756797View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 12a DamDamN35.3334°W99.0804°1756795View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 12b DamDamN35.3301°W99.0854°1756793View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 13 DamDamN35.3451°W99.1020°1756791View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 14 DamDamN35.3534°W99.0937°1756789View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 15 DamDamN35.3601°W99.0820°1756787View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 16 DamDamN35.3867°W99.0920°1756785View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 17 DamDamN35.3867°W99.1070°1756783View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 18 DamDamN35.3984°W99.1187°1756781View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 19 DamDamN35.3967°W99.0970°1756777View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 20 DamDamN35.3934°W99.0837°1756779View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 21 DamDamN35.4051°W99.0704°1756775View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 22 DamDamN35.3951°W99.0620°1756773View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 23 DamDamN35.4017°W99.0420°1756771View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 24 DamDamN35.3934°W99.0204°1756769View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 25 DamDamN35.4101°W99.0087°1756767View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 25a DamDamN35.4284°W99.0237°1756765View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 26 DamDamN35.4101°W99.0004°1756763View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 27 DamDamN35.3867°W98.9837°1756761View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 28 DamDamN35.3967°W98.9687°1756759View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 29 DamDamN35.3601°W98.9454°1756757View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 3 DamDamN35.3117°W98.9437°1756813View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 30 DamDamN35.3667°W98.9337°1756755View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 31 DamDamN35.3534°W98.9220°1756753View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 32 DamDamN35.3434°W98.9054°1756751View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 33 DamDamN35.3417°W98.8920°1756749View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 4 DamDamN35.3134°W98.9470°1756811View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 5 DamDamN35.3334°W98.9487°1756809View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 6 DamDamN35.3467°W98.9504°1756807View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 7 DamDamN35.3401°W98.9787°1756805View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 8 DamDamN35.3434°W98.9970°1756747View Map
Boggy Creek Watershed Site 9 DamDamN35.3617°W99.0004°1756803View Map
Bohannon Lake DamDamN34.7351°W94.8919°1751298View Map
Boiling Springs Site 1 DamDamN34.9551°W95.4369°1751910View Map
Bokoshe Lake DamDamN35.1801°W94.8119°1755783View Map
Booher DamDamN35.6051°W97.1703°1751122View Map
Boomer DamDamN36.1467°W97.0636°1757359View Map
Bouziden Lake DamDamN36.8084°W98.7154°1755222View Map
Boy Scout Camp DamDamN34.9168°W96.4570°1754160View Map
Boynton Lake DamDamN35.6734°W95.6436°1755342View Map
Bozeman and McBride DamDamN35.5384°W98.7604°1755517View Map
Bradshaw Number 1 DamDamN35.9667°W99.6304°1758422View Map
Bradshaw Number 2 DamDamN35.9084°W99.7171°1758424View Map
Broken Bow City DamDamN34.0784°W94.7536°1751947View Map
Broken Bow City Lake DamDamN34.0134°W94.7302°1756120View Map
Broken Bow City Lake DamDamN34.0634°W94.7636°1757703View Map
Broken Bow DamDamN34.1459°W94.6819°1751398View Map
Broken Leg Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.5817°W99.7454°1756509View Map
Broken Leg Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.6084°W99.7521°1756507View Map
Broken Leg Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.6184°W99.7587°1756661View Map
Brown Lake DamDamN34.8360°W95.8580°1754458View Map
Brown Number 1 DamDamN35.9134°W99.5421°1758416View Map
Brown-McClure DamDamN35.6067°W97.7903°1751766View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.6951°W95.6936°1754550View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.6868°W95.6936°1754552View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 16 DamDamN34.6468°W95.8086°1752307View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 17 DamDamN34.6501°W95.8319°1752309View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 31 DamDamN34.8084°W95.7953°1752311View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 32 DamDamN34.7934°W95.8236°1752313View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 33 DamDamN34.7751°W95.8453°1752315View Map
Brushy Peaceable Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.7034°W95.6653°1754548View Map
Bryant Number 6 DamDamN36.0217°W99.2470°1755266View Map
Buckhorn Stockpond DamDamN34.4417°W97.9953°1756322View Map
Buckland DamDamN36.7050°W98.8504°1755226View Map
Buckmaster DamDamN35.5067°W98.6920°1755516View Map
Buehler DamDamN35.4701°W98.9787°1755514View Map
Burbnham Number 4 DamDamN36.8767°W99.1787°1751248View Map
Burford Lake DamDamN34.7184°W98.6703°1751098View Map
Burlingame Number 2 DamDamN36.6317°W96.9420°1751508View Map
Burnham Number 9 DamDamN36.8917°W99.1787°1755238View Map
Burshy Peaceable Creek Site 37 DamDamN34.7951°W95.8786°1752317View Map
Burts Lake DamDamN34.4084°W99.0420°1755855View Map
Butler Laterals Site 101 DamDamN35.5884°W99.1837°1758456View Map
Butler Laterals Site 103 DamDamN35.5567°W99.1554°1758458View Map
Butler Laterals Site 2 DamDamN35.5884°W99.1787°1758446View Map
Butler Laterals Site 3 DamDamN35.5834°W99.1770°1754586View Map
Butler Laterals Site 4 DamDamN35.5817°W99.1537°1758448View Map
Butler Laterals Site 5 DamDamN35.5800°W99.1487°1758450View Map
Butler Laterals Site 6 DamDamN35.5600°W99.1337°1758452View Map
Butler Laterals Site 8 DamDamN35.5384°W99.1070°1758454View Map
Byars Lake DamDamN34.8651°W97.0670°1752319View Map
C H Black DamDamN34.9818°W96.3186°1754400View Map
C Jarvis DamDamN35.3717°W96.6786°1754116View Map
C L Rose Lake DamDamN34.9234°W97.3053°1752863View Map
C Wickham Number 1 DamDamN35.7367°W99.5837°1755422View Map
C Wickham Number 2 DamDamN35.7500°W99.5937°1755424View Map
Cabana Club Lake DamDamN35.8517°W97.4470°1751018View Map
Caddo Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.3201°W97.3053°1758585View Map
Caddo Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.2901°W97.2486°1758587View Map
Caddo Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.2951°W97.2003°1758589View Map
Caddo Creek Site 13 DamDamN34.2801°W97.1686°1758591View Map
Caddo Creek Site 14 DamDamN34.2784°W97.1586°1758593View Map
Caddo Creek Site 15 DamDamN34.2684°W97.2753°1758595View Map
Caddo Creek Site 16 DamDamN34.2618°W97.2636°1758597View Map
Caddo Creek Site 17 DamDamN34.2718°W97.2036°1758599View Map
Caddo Creek Site 18 DamDamN34.2601°W97.1820°1758601View Map
Caddo Creek Site 19 DamDamN34.2851°W97.3053°1758603View Map
Caddo Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.3801°W97.4586°1758567View Map
Caddo Creek Site 20 DamDamN34.3001°W97.3203°1758605View Map
Caddo Creek Site 21 DamDamN34.3001°W97.3686°1758607View Map
Caddo Creek Site 22 DamDamN34.3018°W97.3753°1758609View Map
Caddo Creek Site 23 DamDamN34.3084°W97.4003°1758611View Map
Caddo Creek Site 24 DamDamN34.3151°W97.4053°1758613View Map
Caddo Creek Site 25 DamDamN34.3268°W97.4120°1758615View Map
Caddo Creek Site 27 DamDamN34.3584°W97.2103°1758617View Map
Caddo Creek Site 28 DamDamN34.3084°W97.0653°1758619View Map
Caddo Creek Site 29 DamDamN34.3118°W97.0436°1758621View Map
Caddo Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.3651°W97.4303°1758569View Map
Caddo Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.4001°W97.4070°1758571View Map
Caddo Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.3784°W97.3953°1758573View Map
Caddo Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.3618°W97.3753°1758575View Map
Caddo Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.3868°W97.3620°1758577View Map
Caddo Creek Site 7a DamDamN34.3568°W97.3553°1758579View Map
Caddo Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.3484°W97.3303°1758581View Map
Caddo Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.3251°W97.3520°1758583View Map
Caddo Lake DamDamN34.7234°W98.7220°1751102View Map
Caldwell DamDamN35.7600°W98.6904°1755475View Map
Callaway Lake DamDamN33.9584°W96.2686°1757905View Map
Callaway Lake DamDamN33.9584°W96.2719°1755739View Map
Callison Lake DamDamN36.4584°W98.8270°1754258View Map
Cane Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.7518°W95.6253°1757251View Map
Cane Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.7318°W95.7853°1757291View Map
Cane Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.6851°W95.8119°1757287View Map
Cane Creek Site 14 DamDamN35.6784°W95.8386°1757289View Map
Cane Creek Site 15 DamDamN35.6668°W95.7886°1757285View Map
Cane Creek Site 17 DamDamN35.6601°W95.7569°1757279View Map
Cane Creek Site 18 DamDamN35.6651°W95.7353°1757281View Map
Cane Creek Site 19 DamDamN35.6818°W95.7203°1757283View Map
Cane Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.7284°W95.6519°1757249View Map
Cane Creek Site 20 DamDamN35.6868°W95.7003°1757253View Map
Cane Creek Site 21 DamDamN35.6868°W95.6836°1757255View Map
Cane Creek Site 22 DamDamN35.6701°W95.6736°1757257View Map
Cane Creek Site 24 DamDamN35.6201°W95.5019°1757259View Map
Cane Creek Site 26a DamDamN35.6284°W95.6419°1757261View Map
Cane Creek Site 27 DamDamN35.6518°W95.6203°1753499View Map
Cane Creek Site 29 DamDamN35.7118°W95.6169°1757263View Map
Cane Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.7134°W95.7203°1757297View Map
Cane Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.6834°W95.7536°1757295View Map
Cane Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.7318°W95.7936°1757293View Map
Caney Coon Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.5734°W96.2319°1757529View Map
Caney Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.2251°W96.2386°1757975View Map
Caney Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.2051°W96.3003°1757967View Map
Caney Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.2151°W96.3403°1757957View Map
Caney Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.2134°W96.2869°1757955View Map
Caney Creek Site 13 DamDamN34.2201°W96.2719°1757953View Map
Caney Creek Site 14 DamDamN34.2318°W96.2569°1757951View Map
Caney Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.2201°W96.2436°1757973View Map
Caney Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.2134°W96.2536°1757969View Map
Caney Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.1818°W96.2719°1757971View Map
Caney Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.1851°W96.2536°1757963View Map
Caney Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.1801°W96.3186°1757961View Map
Caney Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.1868°W96.3319°1757965View Map
Caney Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.1901°W96.3503°1757959View Map
Caney-Coon Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.5457°W96.2533°1751672View Map
Caney-Coon Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.5684°W96.2253°1752375View Map
Canton DamDamN36.0917°W98.5920°1751416View Map
Canton DamDamN36.0937°W98.5831°1090934View Map
Canyon View Site 1 DamDamN35.5684°W98.2587°1751800View Map
Canyon View Site 2 DamDamN35.5684°W98.2537°1751798View Map
Canyon View Site 3 DamDamN35.5750°W98.2653°1758645View Map
Canyon View Site 4 DamDamN35.5767°W98.2770°1758647View Map
Carl Blackwell DamDamN36.1350°W97.1920°1757357View Map
Carlton DamDamN34.9768°W95.3619°1750845View Map
Carman Lake Number 1 DamDamN33.8634°W96.1303°1757871View Map
Carman Lake Number 2 DamDamN33.8634°W96.1236°1757869View Map
Carter 1 DamDamN34.2151°W97.1086°1751342View Map
Carter Lake DamDamN34.1234°W96.7953°1751234View Map
Cartwright DamDamN35.4934°W98.6253°1751104View Map
Casey 1 DamDamN36.9384°W99.9021°1754360View Map
Casteel Lake DamDamN33.9384°W96.2553°1757891View Map
Caston Mountain Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.9884°W94.8436°1750807View Map
Caston Mountain Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.0051°W94.8336°1752303View Map
Caston Mountain Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.9801°W94.8036°1751906View Map
Caston Mountain Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.0334°W95.7886°1752305View Map
Caston Mountain Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.0158°W94.7516°1751908View Map
Cavalry Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.2267°W98.7203°1756853View Map
Cavalry Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.2317°W98.7070°1756855View Map
Cavalry Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.2201°W99.7420°1756857View Map
Cavalry Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.2251°W98.9170°1756859View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 10 DamDamN35.2217°W98.9787°1756873View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 11 DamDamN35.2151°W98.9837°1756875View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 12 DamDamN35.2034°W99.0087°1756877View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 13 DamDamN35.2167°W99.0187°1756879View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 14 DamDamN35.2201°W99.0254°1756881View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 15 DamDamN35.2484°W99.0337°1756883View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 16 DamDamN35.2584°W99.0320°1756885View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 17 DamDamN35.2684°W99.0520°1756887View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 18 DamDamN35.2817°W99.0520°1756889View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 19 DamDamN35.2784°W99.0320°1756891View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 20 DamDamN35.3034°W99.0237°1756893View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 21 DamDamN35.3117°W99.0337°1756895View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 22 DamDamN35.3234°W99.0370°1756897View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 24 DamDamN35.3117°W99.0037°1751927View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 25 DamDamN35.2817°W98.9687°1756899View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 26 DamDamN35.2667°W98.9420°1756901View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 27 DamDamN35.2617°W98.9270°1756903View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 28 DamDamN35.2717°W98.8937°1756905View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 29 DamDamN35.2617°W98.9887°1756907View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 30 DamDamN35.2317°W99.0254°1756909View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 5 DamDamN35.2051°W98.9387°1756861View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 6 DamDamN35.1951°W98.9587°1756863View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 7-A DamDamN35.1867°W98.9887°1756865View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 7-B DamDamN35.1867°W98.9904°1756867View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 8 DamDamN35.1767°W99.0087°1756869View Map
Cavalry Creek Watershed 9 DamDamN35.2434°W98.9520°1756871View Map
Cavanal Lake DamDamN34.9801°W94.7002°1751460View Map
Cedar Cove DamDamN35.8884°W97.6003°1757781View Map
Cedar DamDamN35.4267°W98.1870°1751921View Map
Cedar Isle Lake DamDamN36.0917°W97.1070°1751995View Map
Cedar Lake DamDamN34.7884°W94.7069°1750962View Map
Cedar Lake DamDamN34.7834°W94.6936°1751300View Map
Central Campground DamDamN34.5001°W96.9586°1756330View Map
Chain Number 3 DamDamN35.9234°W99.0870°1755252View Map
Chain Number 8 DamDamN35.9167°W99.0954°1755254View Map
Chandler DamDamN35.7301°W96.9086°1750799View Map
Charles Freeman Number 1 DamDamN35.4267°W98.2387°1754278View Map
Charlotte Lake DamDamN36.7467°W96.6470°1751876View Map
Checotah City Lake East DamDamN35.4418°W95.5636°1752367View Map
Checotah City Lake West DamDamN35.4401°W95.5703°1754865View Map
Chelsea Reservoir Number 1 DamDamN36.5434°W95.4586°1751534View Map
Chelsea Reservoir Number 2 DamDamN36.5334°W95.4503°1751532View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 1 DamDamN34.7317°W97.1186°1758414View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 10 DamDamN34.7284°W97.0653°1758394View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 13 DamDamN34.7551°W97.1303°1758392View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 14 DamDamN34.7151°W97.0853°1758390View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 15 DamDamN34.7117°W97.0970°1758388View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 2 DamDamN34.7417°W97.0870°1758412View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 3 DamDamN34.7684°W97.0486°1758410View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 4 DamDamN34.7601°W97.0370°1758408View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 6 DamDamN34.8067°W97.0186°1754785View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 8 DamDamN34.7484°W97.0170°1758406View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 8a DamDamN34.7501°W96.9903°1758404View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 8b DamDamN34.7451°W96.9853°1758402View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 8c DamDamN34.7434°W96.9836°1758400View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 8d DamDamN34.7301°W96.9920°1758398View Map
Cherokee Sandy Site 9 DamDamN34.7301°W97.0453°1758396View Map
Chester Chiles DamDamN35.4851°W98.1803°1754286View Map
Chickasaw Lake DamDamN34.2018°W97.0853°1751536View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.5301°W97.0953°1757659View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.5518°W97.0786°1757649View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.5434°W97.0620°1757651View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.5518°W97.0520°1757653View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 13 DamDamN34.5418°W97.0520°1757655View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 14 DamDamN34.5951°W97.0853°1757657View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.5751°W97.0903°1757661View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.6584°W97.0470°1758984View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.6434°W97.0486°1758982View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.6384°W97.0320°1751796View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.6068°W97.0520°1757643View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.5851°W97.0703°1757645View Map
Chigley Sandy Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.5751°W97.0903°1757647View Map
Chigley Snady Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.6551°W97.0520°1758986View Map
Chimney Rock DamDamN36.2584°W95.1052°1758017View Map
Chirstensen DamDamN35.7217°W98.7620°1755512View Map
Choctaw Sewage Lagoon DamDamN35.4934°W97.5120°1752351View Map
Chouteau DamDamN35.8737°W95.3886°1091338View Map
Chouteau LockDamN35.8570°W95.3702°1101997View Map
Chouteau Lock and Dam 17DamN35.8570°W95.3703°1751390View Map
Cimarron Feeders Number 1 DamDamN36.5734°W102.2455°1758766View Map
City Lake DamDamN34.2268°W97.1536°1751558View Map
City of Blackwell DamDamN36.8634°W97.3153°1751540View Map
Claremore DamDamN36.3234°W95.5803°1751000View Map
Claude Seymour DamDamN34.8601°W99.8470°1755687View Map
Clayton DamDamN34.5434°W95.3086°1751106View Map
Clayton Lake DamDamN34.6284°W95.3502°1756316View Map
Clear Creek DamDamN36.1701°W94.7519°1751856View Map
Clear Creek Lake DamDamN34.5834°W97.8420°1751782View Map
Cleuts White DamDamN34.7584°W98.1270°1754340View Map
Cleveland Lake DamDamN36.2851°W96.5770°1751884View Map
Clinton DamDamN35.4300°W99.2270°1751554View Map
Clinton-Sherman Reservoir DamDamN35.3401°W99.1870°1756028View Map
Clyde Lake DamDamN36.6634°W96.1053°1753880View Map
Coalpont Lake DamDamN34.6768°W96.5053°1752387View Map
Cobb Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.3934°W98.7020°1754566View Map
Cobb Creek Site 101 DamDamN35.4667°W98.6120°1754618View Map
Cobb Creek Site 102 DamDamN35.4517°W98.6103°1754620View Map
Cobb Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.3651°W98.6953°1754564View Map
Cobb Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.3901°W98.6570°1754562View Map
Cobb Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.4451°W98.6170°1758754View Map
Cobb Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.4417°W98.6103°1754614View Map
Cobb Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.4267°W98.6070°1754616View Map
Coblentz Lake DamDamN35.0818°W95.3269°1751710View Map
Coburn Lake DamDamN35.7501°W95.6253°1755330View Map
Cockerill Number 1 DamDamN36.5650°W99.1920°1755215View Map
Cockerill Number 2 DamDamN36.5084°W99.1470°1755217View Map
Cohee Lake DamDamN35.3267°W96.3903°1751302View Map
Colbert Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.9184°W97.6636°1756397View Map
Colbert Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.9184°W97.6403°1756395View Map
Colbert Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.9184°W97.6370°1756393View Map
Cold Springs 1 DamDamN34.5001°W96.9586°1756326View Map
Cold Springs 2 DamDamN34.5001°W96.9586°1756327View Map
Collinsville Lake DamDamN36.3801°W95.7953°1751971View Map
Comanche Lake DamDamN34.7634°W98.7303°1751776View Map
Comanche Lake DamDamN34.3668°W97.8920°1754426View Map
Conditt Lake DamDamN33.8884°W96.2669°1755745View Map
Conoco Lake DamDamN34.3101°W97.7436°1756298View Map
Cook Lake DamDamN34.5751°W96.1569°1751208View Map
Copan Lake DamDamN36.8842°W95.9653°1756314View Map
Cordell Reservoir DamDamN35.3401°W99.1254°1751552View Map
Cotton Coon Mission Site Number 12 DamDamN36.8501°W95.8119°1756343View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 1 DamDamN36.8601°W96.0453°1754508View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 11 DamDamN36.8917°W95.8053°1755111View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 13 DamDamN36.8118°W95.8819°1755129View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 15 DamDamN36.7818°W95.8953°1755113View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 4 DamDamN36.9434°W96.0586°1754510View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 5 DamDamN36.9851°W96.0253°1754512View Map
Cotton-Coon-Mission Creek Site 7 DamDamN36.8934°W95.8719°1755109View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 11 DamDamN35.7867°W97.6603°1751380View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 12 DamDamN35.7767°W97.6670°1752085View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 15 DamDamN35.7500°W97.7420°1752087View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 16 DamDamN35.7067°W97.7837°1757539View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 17 DamDamN35.7084°W97.7520°1757541View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 18 DamDamN35.7467°W97.7187°1752089View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 19 DamDamN35.7467°W97.7070°1752091View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.8400°W97.4670°1752075View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 20 DamDamN35.7467°W97.6937°1752093View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.8217°W97.4803°1752077View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 33 DamDamN35.6134°W97.7053°1757543View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.8134°W97.4953°1752079View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.8034°W97.5203°1752081View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 54 DamDamN35.7367°W97.4753°1751382View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 54 DamDamN35.7334°W97.4753°1751822View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 54 DamDamN35.7367°W97.7270°1754476View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 55 DamDamN35.7734°W97.4887°1751378View Map
Cottonwood Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.7850°W97.5987°1752083View Map
Cottonwood Lake DamDamN34.1984°W96.6686°1755923View Map
Country Club Lake DamDamN34.6618°W95.8869°1756124View Map
Cow Creek Site 15 DamDamN34.4934°W97.8870°1754536View Map
Cow Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.2184°W97.9770°1754470View Map
Cow Creek Site 28 DamDamN34.2984°W97.9636°1755019View Map
Cow Creek Site 29 DamDamN34.2801°W97.9903°1754472View Map
Cow Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.2318°W97.9570°1754468View Map
Cow Creek Site 33 DamDamN35.3517°W98.0070°1754534View Map
Cow Creek Site 34 DamDamN34.3668°W98.0170°1756347View Map
Cow Creek Site 35 DamDamN34.3868°W98.0153°1755021View Map
Cow Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.2517°W99.9204°1754466View Map
Cow Creek Site 44 DamDamN35.3734°W98.0203°1756300View Map
Cow Creek Site 47 DamDamN34.2468°W97.9903°1754474View Map
Cow Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.2468°W97.9453°1754464View Map
Cow Creek Site 6 DamDamN35.2617°W99.9554°1754462View Map
Cow Creek Site 7 DamDamN35.2784°W99.9471°1754460View Map
Cow Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.2951°W97.9486°1754538View Map
Cow Creek Site Number 14 DamDamN34.4551°W97.9203°1756345View Map
Cowden Lake DamDamN35.4225°W95.8666°1750968View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 1 DamDamN35.7500°W98.7504°1754925View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 10 DamDamN35.1534°W98.5453°1754961View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 101 DamDamN35.1401°W98.5587°1754598View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 11 DamDamN35.1217°W98.5237°1754590View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 12 DamDamN35.1218°W95.0536°1754592View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 13 DamDamN35.1217°W98.5037°1754594View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 14 DamDamN35.1201°W98.4703°1754596View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 3 DamDamN35.2017°W98.7320°1754927View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 4 DamDamN35.1917°W98.7037°1756845View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 5 DamDamN35.1334°W98.6820°1754572View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 6 DamDamN35.1334°W98.6570°1754570View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 7 DamDamN35.1267°W98.6420°1754931View Map
Cowden Laterals Site 9 DamDamN35.1534°W98.6120°1754959View Map
Crater Lake DamDamN34.7051°W98.6253°1758629View Map
Cravens DamDamN36.9400°W98.8654°1755244View Map
Creach DamDamN35.6367°W99.1587°1755510View Map
Criner Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.9884°W97.6220°1758386View Map
Criner Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.9417°W97.5420°1759131View Map
Criner Creek Site 101 DamDamN34.9867°W97.6303°1756409View Map
Criner Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.9434°W97.5320°1759133View Map
Criner Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.9417°W97.5270°1759135View Map
Criner Creek Site 13 DamDamN34.9301°W97.5936°1759137View Map
Criner Creek Site 14 DamDamN34.9217°W97.5886°1759139View Map
Criner Creek Site 15 DamDamN34.9134°W97.5753°1759141View Map
Criner Creek Site 16 DamDamN34.9151°W97.5270°1759143View Map
Criner Creek Site 17 DamDamN34.9001°W97.5520°1759145View Map
Criner Creek Site 18 DamDamN34.9017°W97.5220°1759147View Map
Criner Creek Site 19 DamDamN34.8851°W97.5036°1759149View Map
Criner Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.9934°W97.5970°1758384View Map
Criner Creek Site 20 DamDamN34.8501°W97.4653°1759151View Map
Criner Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.9901°W97.5870°1759119View Map
Criner Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.9734°W97.5703°1759117View Map
Criner Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.9867°W97.5570°1759121View Map
Criner Creek Site 5a DamDamN34.9767°W97.5520°1756407View Map
Criner Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.9767°W97.6220°1759123View Map
Criner Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.9651°W97.6070°1759125View Map
Criner Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.9501°W97.5753°1759127View Map
Criner Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.9451°W97.5553°1759129View Map
Crissmon DamDamN35.4984°W98.6453°1755508View Map
Crowder Reservoir DamDamN35.1287°W95.6705°1751786View Map
Crystal Beach Lake DamDamN36.4250°W99.3737°1755205View Map
Crystal Lake DamDamN36.6467°W96.1036°1753886View Map
Currie Lake DamDamN33.9101°W96.9436°1755719View Map
Cushing Country Club DamDamN34.0018°W96.7019°1754050View Map
Cushing DamDamN36.0134°W96.8753°1751648View Map
Cypert 209 DamDamN35.7250°W97.6970°1758643View Map
Cypert-Holcomb-Eli 209 DamDamN35.7217°W97.6987°1751754View Map
D B Dutcher Number 3 DamDamN36.7534°W95.8369°1755318View Map
D C Fitzgerald DamDamN34.3218°W97.2286°1753640View Map
D C Thetford DamDamN35.4117°W99.7170°1757805View Map
Daddy Miller Spring DamDamN36.6584°W96.1069°1753882View Map
Dahlgrin Lake DamDamN35.0584°W97.1986°1754336View Map
Danielson DamDamN35.2258°W96.5594°1751368View Map
Danny E Hill DamDamN34.8584°W99.8037°1755689View Map
Daugherty Gss Number 1 DamDamN34.7651°W97.6086°1753634View Map
Dave Richardson Number 1 DamDamN35.3834°W98.0870°1754268View Map
Davenport DamDamN35.6834°W96.7586°1750805View Map
Davis Number 1 DamDamN35.4967°W99.9921°1755418View Map
Davis Number 2 DamDamN35.4817°W99.9837°1755414View Map
Davis Number 5 DamDamN36.8017°W100.7304°1755151View Map
Davison Number 1 DamDamN36.0050°W99.6004°1758440View Map
Davison Number 2 DamDamN36.0267°W99.6221°1758420View Map
Day Number 1 DamDamN36.0717°W99.2954°1757523View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 1 DamDamN35.7000°W99.6004°1756449View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 10 DamDamN35.6950°W99.6871°1756445View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 11 DamDamN35.7200°W99.6654°1756447View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 2 DamDamN35.7100°W99.6221°1756451View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 3 DamDamN35.7200°W99.6821°1756453View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 4 DamDamN35.7450°W99.7187°1756455View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 5 DamDamN35.7217°W99.7171°1756457View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 6 DamDamN35.6534°W99.6771°1756459View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 7 DamDamN35.6484°W99.7187°1756461View Map
Dead Indian-Wildhorse Site 9 DamDamN35.6700°W99.6837°1756443View Map
Dean Indian-Wildhorse Site 8 DamDamN35.6717°W99.7254°1756463View Map
Debock Number 1 DamDamN36.4900°W98.9937°1755189View Map
Debock Number 2 DamDamN36.4917°W98.9904°1755191View Map
Debock Number 3 DamDamN36.4650°W98.9937°1755193View Map
Deep Red Run-Coffin Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.5117°W98.8904°1755919View Map
Deep Red Run-Coffin Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.5101°W98.9004°1754939View Map
Deer Creek Farms DamDamN35.6917°W97.5953°1754861View Map
Deer DamDamN36.1468°W94.7736°1751836View Map
Deer Lake DamDamN36.7951°W96.2319°1751991View Map
Delaware Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.4018°W96.3653°1751716View Map
Delaware Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.4018°W96.5003°1750869View Map
Delaware Creek Site 108 DamDamN34.9601°W98.2037°1754622View Map
Delaware Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.4068°W96.4869°1750871View Map
Delaware Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.4101°W96.4619°1750873View Map
Delaware Creek Site 14b DamDamN34.4418°W96.4953°1752379View Map
Delaware Creek Site 14c DamDamN34.4551°W96.4903°1752381View Map
Delaware Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.3901°W96.4119°1754494View Map
Delaware Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.3734°W96.4136°1754496View Map
Delaware Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.3618°W96.4586°1750859View Map
Delaware Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.3651°W96.4669°1750861View Map
Delaware Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.3668°W96.4903°1750863View Map
Delaware Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.4034°W96.5569°1750865View Map
Delaware Creek Site 8 DamDamN35.0317°W98.1537°1754935View Map
Delaware Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.4118°W96.5453°1750867View Map
Denison DamDamN33.8334°W96.5669°1751418View Map
Denison DamDamN33.8320°W96.5711°1102955View Map
Denny McCoy 1 DamDamN34.0934°W96.6136°1754240View Map
Deputy DamDamN35.5084°W99.8887°1755473View Map
Dewayne Meyers DamDamN34.8351°W99.8354°1755691View Map
Deweese Gp17 DamDamN36.6267°W99.4287°1754364View Map
Diacon Lake DamDamN36.8150°W98.7204°1755242View Map
Dick Melendy DamDamN36.7767°W95.1302°1751324View Map
Dicks Pond DamDamN34.2051°W96.6453°1755936View Map
Doersch DamDamN36.5467°W99.7804°1751526View Map
Don F Dickey DamDamN35.4701°W98.6470°1755504View Map
Don Wallace DamDamN35.1401°W96.1403°1754142View Map
Donley DamDamN35.5750°W99.1187°1755501View Map
Double Creek Site 1 DamDamN36.5651°W95.9369°1754821View Map
Double Creek Site 2 DamDamN36.5468°W95.9586°1754823View Map
Double Creek Site 3 DamDamN36.5418°W95.9653°1754825View Map
Double Creek Site 5 DamDamN36.5134°W95.9419°1754827View Map
Double Creek Site 6 DamDamN36.5884°W95.9953°1754829View Map
Dow Lake DamDamN34.5951°W95.8786°1751438View Map
Dr Number 1 DamDamN34.8718°W95.9253°1756304View Map
Dr Number 2 DamDamN34.7934°W95.9103°1756306View Map
Dr Number 3 DamDamN34.7918°W95.9203°1756308View Map
Dr Number 4 DamDamN34.8618°W95.9736°1756310View Map
Dr Williams Pond Number 5 DamDamN36.3451°W95.3302°1755759View Map
Dresser Lake DamDamN34.7551°W95.0136°1751456View Map
Dry Creek Detention DamDamN35.5917°W97.5803°1751902View Map
Duncan DamDamN34.5217°W97.8103°1751232View Map
Dunegan Lake DamDamN33.9018°W96.1536°1757875View Map
Dustin Lake DamDamN35.2668°W96.0036°1751358View Map
Dutcher Number 1 DamDamN36.7568°W95.7619°1751506View Map
E T Cope DamDamN35.1584°W96.9386°1754306View Map
Eagle DamDamN35.5767°W97.6403°1752333View Map
Eagon Number 1 DamDamN36.9634°W100.4721°1755157View Map
Earl Boyd DamDamN34.8718°W96.3820°1754132View Map
East Dike DamDamN34.7117°W99.0004°1754438View Map
Eastern Oklahoma Hospital DamDamN36.6774°W95.1193°1758780View Map
Eck Twin Lakes North DamDamN36.3217°W96.5753°1751514View Map
Eck Twin Lakes South DamDamN36.3217°W98.5754°1751512View Map
Ed Perry 1 DamDamN35.0301°W96.4136°1754162View Map
Ed Perry 2 DamDamN35.0184°W96.4120°1754164View Map
Edwards Lake DamDamN33.9151°W96.1503°1755707View Map
Edwards Lake DamDamN36.3300°W98.5620°1751516View Map
Edwards Lake DamDamN33.9134°W96.4619°1757855View Map
Ellis Lake DamDamN35.3917°W96.8486°1754901View Map
Ellsworth DamDamN34.7951°W98.3670°1758627View Map
Elmer Lake DamDamN35.8800°W97.9870°1750853View Map
Elmer Thomas Lake DamDamN34.7301°W98.5120°1758637View Map
Elmo Tipton DamDamN34.7701°W96.1519°1754168View Map
Engel Lake DamDamN34.7618°W96.6203°1750990View Map
Eric Acker DamDamN35.2051°W96.4336°1754120View Map
Ernst DamDamN35.7984°W98.9454°1755499View Map
Etling Number 2 DamDamN36.5417°W101.6904°1751240View Map
Eucha DamDamN36.3755°W94.9340°1751846View Map
Eufaula DamDamN35.3067°W95.3581°1092653View Map
Eugene Powers DamDamN35.4584°W98.2237°1754276View Map
Ewing Lake DamDamN36.2117°W98.3737°1754266View Map
Fair Oil Company DamDamN36.0076°W96.0395°1751862View Map
Fairfax DamDamN36.6034°W96.7253°1751834View Map
Farrell Lake DamDamN33.9368°W96.2786°1757889View Map
Fast Runner Creek Site 3 DamDamN35.3934°W98.3837°1758748View Map
Fast Runner Site 1 DamDamN35.4117°W98.3870°1755011View Map
Fast Runner Site 2 DamDamN35.4017°W98.3870°1755013View Map
Fast Runner Site 4 DamDamN35.3984°W98.3703°1755015View Map
Fay Abbott DamDamN35.4634°W98.2987°1754288View Map
Feaster Lake DamDamN36.3884°W96.8053°1753425View Map
Fenton Lake DamDamN35.2468°W95.1702°1751264View Map
Fin Feather Lake DamDamN34.9851°W95.7369°1751468View Map
Finn Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.8800°W97.4737°1752245View Map
Finn Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.9434°W97.5586°1759201View Map
Finn Creek Site 104 DamDamN34.9851°W97.4570°1759153View Map
Finn Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.9301°W97.4536°1759199View Map
Finn Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.9601°W97.4186°1759197View Map
Finn Creek Site 13 DamDamN34.9484°W97.4170°1759195View Map
Finn Creek Site 14 DamDamN34.9317°W97.4153°1759193View Map
Finn Creek Site 15 DamDamN34.9401°W97.3853°1752247View Map
Finn Creek Site 16 DamDamN34.8934°W97.4036°1759191View Map
Finn Creek Site 18 DamDamN34.9234°W97.3853°1759189View Map
Finn Creek Site 19 DamDamN34.9001°W97.4003°1759187View Map
Finn Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.8717°W97.4386°1756391View Map
Finn Creek Site 20 DamDamN34.8567°W97.3436°1759185View Map
Finn Creek Site 21 DamDamN34.9851°W97.5286°1759183View Map
Finn Creek Site 22 DamDamN34.9884°W97.5170°1759181View Map
Finn Creek Site 23 DamDamN34.9701°W97.5070°1759179View Map
Finn Creek Site 24 DamDamN34.9367°W97.4886°1759177View Map
Finn Creek Site 25 DamDamN34.9734°W97.4303°1759175View Map
Finn Creek Site 27 DamDamN34.9567°W97.4186°1759173View Map
Finn Creek Site 28 DamDamN34.9067°W97.4370°1759171View Map
Finn Creek Site 29 DamDamN34.9201°W97.4736°1759169View Map
Finn Creek Site 30 DamDamN34.9467°W97.4986°1759167View Map
Finn Creek Site 31 DamDamN34.9401°W97.4403°1759165View Map
Finn Creek Site 32 DamDamN34.9017°W97.4303°1759163View Map
Finn Creek Site 33 DamDamN34.8767°W97.4036°1759161View Map
Finn Creek Site 34 DamDamN34.8601°W97.3753°1759159View Map
Finn Creek Site 35 DamDamN34.9017°W97.3403°1759157View Map
Finn Creek Site 36 DamDamN34.9034°W97.3470°1759155View Map
Finn Creek Site 3a DamDamN34.9001°W97.4603°1756389View Map
Finn Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.9084°W97.4653°1756387View Map
Finn Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.9267°W97.4803°1756385View Map
Finn Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.9834°W97.5070°1759209View Map
Finn Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.9834°W97.4986°1759207View Map
Finn Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.9801°W97.4870°1759205View Map
Finn Creek Site 9 DamDamN35.9800°W97.4870°1759203View Map
Fisher Lake DamDamN35.2784°W97.7653°1751268View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.9118°W95.3086°1752225View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.9117°W97.2986°1752227View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Creek Site 4 DamDamN35.9401°W97.2336°1752229View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Creek Site 5 DamDamN35.9267°W97.2336°1752231View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Site 1 DamDamN35.9134°W99.3070°1754540View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Site 2 DamDamN35.9134°W99.2987°1754542View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Site 4 DamDamN35.9367°W97.2370°1754544View Map
Fitzgerald-Soldier Site 5 DamDamN35.9251°W97.2353°1754546View Map
Floyd Carter DamDamN34.8784°W99.9204°1755679View Map
Floyd Fitzsimmons DamDamN36.9234°W95.7903°1751334View Map
Flying Ranch Number 1 DamDamN34.7601°W94.9952°1750974View Map
Fort Cobb DamDamN35.1667°W98.4503°1751086View Map
Fort Cobb DamDamN35.1609°W98.4548°1092953View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 1 DamDamN35.0967°W98.5753°1754600View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 10 DamDamN35.0434°W98.3320°1754608View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 11 DamDamN35.0217°W98.3637°1754610View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 12 DamDamN35.0017°W98.3620°1758735View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 13 DamDamN35.0101°W98.3287°1754612View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 2 DamDamN35.0967°W98.5537°1754602View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 7 DamDamN35.0334°W98.4237°1754604View Map
Fort Cobb Laterals Site 9 DamDamN35.0551°W98.3653°1754606View Map
Fort Gibson DamDamN36.5351°W96.1586°1751412View Map
Fort Gibson DamDamN35.8700°W95.2288°1092960View Map
Fort Supply DamDamN36.5500°W99.5671°1751420View Map
Foss DamDamN35.5521°W99.1823°1751088View Map
Four Mile Creek Site 1 DamDamN35.5284°W97.9870°1757545View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.9484°W95.2019°1750817View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 10 DamDamN34.9084°W95.2086°1750833View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 11 DamDamN34.9034°W95.1619°1751904View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 12 DamDamN34.9051°W95.0569°1750835View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 13 DamDamN34.8468°W95.1102°1750837View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 14 DamDamN34.8318°W95.1036°1750839View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.9584°W95.2969°1750819View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.9768°W95.2652°1750821View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.9768°W95.3503°1750823View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 5 DamDamN34.9918°W95.3569°1750843View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 6 DamDamN34.2618°W95.2619°1750825View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 7 DamDamN34.8818°W95.3353°1750827View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 8 DamDamN34.8934°W95.2836°1750829View Map
Fourche Maline Creek Site 9 DamDamN34.9084°W95.2402°1750831View Map
Fourteen Mile Creek Site 1 DamDamN36.0634°W94.9402°1751722View Map
Fourteen Mile Creek Site 2 DamDamN36.0217°W96.9920°1751714View Map
Fourteen Mile Creek Site 2 DamDamN36.0201°W94.9902°1755765View Map
Fowler Lake DamDamN33.9384°W96.2086°1755749View Map
Frances DamDamN36.1284°W94.5636°1757913View Map
Frank Lake DamDamN34.0018°W96.1636°1757883View Map
Frank McKram DamDamN35.9384°W99.8287°1755436View Map
Fred Yarbrough DamDamN34.8834°W99.9620°1755683View Map
French Lake DamDamN34.7237°W98.6995°1093049View Map
French Lake DamDamN34.7201°W98.7037°1758635View Map
Frenchie Hickman Number 1 DamDamN35.4251°W98.1470°1754284View Map
Frenchie Hickman Number 2 DamDamN35.4184°W98.1403°1754282View Map
Frogville Creek Site 1 DamDamN33.9068°W95.3236°1751896View Map
Frogville Creek Site 2 DamDamN33.9201°W95.3152°1751898View Map
Fuchs DamDamN35.4334°W99.7837°1755420View Map
Fuchs N DamDamN35.4151°W99.4770°1757811View Map
Fuchs S DamDamN35.4134°W99.4787°1756048View Map
G C Richardson DamDamN36.6368°W95.9336°1751436View Map
Gaither Lake DamDamN34.9451°W94.6736°1751458View Map
Gallup Ranch DamDamN34.9034°W97.0903°1754218View Map
Gannaway and Berry DamDamN35.5201°W98.8520°1755496View Map
Gard Lake DamDamN36.3867°W98.6020°1754260View Map
Gardner Number 1 DamDamN36.5784°W99.0320°1755183View Map
Garland Brooks DamDamN35.5900°W98.2587°1754290View Map
Garner Lake DamDamN33.8534°W96.2886°1757861View Map
Gaylor Ecd Number 1 DamDamN36.9484°W102.6005°1758764View Map
Gaylor Number 1 DamDamN36.8317°W102.5105°1755147View Map
Gene Maloy DamDamN34.5801°W96.4886°1754110View Map
George Cornell DamDamN35.6001°W98.7920°1756335View Map
George Kirten Number 2 DamDamN36.7084°W99.2887°1751802View Map
George Smith DamDamN35.1901°W96.2053°1754140View Map
Gerrong DamDamN35.6434°W98.9120°1755519View Map
Gillespie Number 1 DamDamN35.9984°W99.5021°1758442View Map
Gish DamDamN36.0418°W96.1219°1751864View Map
Gladney Lake DamDamN33.7684°W97.1536°1753441View Map
Glen Lake DamDamN36.8650°W99.5171°1754362View Map
Glen Nix DamDamN35.1267°W96.9570°1754300View Map
Glenn Dickey DamDamN35.6167°W98.7920°1755502View Map
Glenn Webster DamDamN36.8701°W95.7203°1751790View Map
Goddard Ranch 2 DamDamN34.3018°W96.9736°1751348View Map
Goddard Ranch I DamDamN34.2918°W96.9836°1751346View Map
Gordon Lake DamDamN33.9351°W96.4619°1755731View Map
Gracie Chambers DamDamN34.8634°W99.8137°1755681View Map
Gramma Lake DamDamN34.7717°W98.7387°1751092View Map
Grand River DamDamUnknownUnknown1793860
Grant Osborn DamDamN35.2467°W96.4070°1754122View Map
Great Salt Plains DamDamN36.7484°W98.1387°1751422View Map
Greenleaf Lake DamDamN35.6084°W95.1669°1755378View Map
Gregory Lake DamDamN33.9901°W96.1019°1755701View Map
Grider Gss Number 1 DamDamN34.8284°W97.1853°1755605View Map
Groendyke Pond Number 1 DamDamN35.6484°W98.5153°1754352View Map
Guthrie City Lake DamDamN35.8200°W97.4403°1757785View Map
Guthrie Country Club Lake DamDamN35.8800°W97.3870°1757777View Map
Guy Sandy Stockpond DamDamN34.4751°W97.0336°1756324View Map
Gyp Creek Site 2 DamDamN35.2567°W99.7770°1754923View Map
H Drake DamDamN34.5701°W97.1003°1751326View Map
H Hoehner DamDamN35.4184°W98.1703°1754280View Map
H L D M Farms Incorporated Lake DamDamN33.9484°W96.2886°1755741View Map
H S Judy DamDamN35.7284°W99.4670°1755428View Map
H T Hicks 1 DamDamN34.0051°W97.0070°1754228View Map
Hack Black Junior DamDamN35.0134°W96.1503°1754148View Map
Hada DamDamN36.9134°W98.8087°1755228View Map
Hadley DamDamN35.6017°W99.0370°1755470View Map
Hagee Gss Number 1 DamDamN34.4384°W97.1120°1753636View Map
Hall Number 3 Lake DamDamN36.3700°W98.9170°1754252View Map
Hall Park DamDamN35.2351°W97.4103°1751955View Map
Ham Lake DamDamN33.8701°W96.4636°1757881View Map
Hammers Gss Number 1 DamDamN34.6467°W97.3770°1755607View Map
Hanawalt DamDamN35.9017°W99.8354°1755444View Map
Happy Lake DamDamN36.3334°W95.5553°1755292View Map
Harden Number 1 DamDamN35.2051°W94.4719°1756312View Map
Harold Mooney DamDamN35.7500°W99.5937°1755426View Map
Harris Lake DamDamN33.9551°W96.4419°1757907View Map
Harris Number 1 DamDamN36.0400°W99.5087°1758432View Map
Hartshorne Lake DamDamN34.8134°W95.5419°1755523View Map
Haskell Lake DamDamN35.8418°W95.7153°1755340View Map
Haskett DamDamN35.6517°W98.9287°1755494View Map
Hayes DamDamN35.6984°W98.9120°1755472View Map
Headrick 1 DamDamN35.5834°W98.2187°1757537View Map
Hefner DamDamN35.5817°W97.6070°1751116View Map
Helloms Lake DamDamN36.4817°W97.8953°1754320View Map
Henderson Lake DamDamN34.1868°W94.5219°1751272View Map
Henryetta DamDamN35.4180°W95.9222°1751370View Map
Hettick Gss Number 3 DamDamN34.7651°W97.2136°1753630View Map
Heyburn DamDamN35.9467°W96.3053°1751410View Map
Hickey DamDamN35.3417°W99.6537°1756038View Map
Hill Gss Number 1 DamDamN34.7017°W97.4670°1753632View Map
Hinton Sewage Pond DamDamN35.4934°W98.3553°1754172View Map
Hiwassee Lake DamDamN35.6517°W97.3036°1751080View Map
Holdenville City DamDamN35.0284°W96.3703°1751530View Map
Holdenville Waterworks DamDamN35.0484°W96.3803°1751544View Map
Hollis 118 DamDamN34.9901°W99.7970°1759020View Map
Hominy DamDamN36.4101°W96.4136°1757271View Map
Honer Heights Lake DamDamN35.7684°W95.4202°1755338View Map
Howard DamDamN35.4151°W99.4637°1756032View Map
Hudson DamDamN36.8067°W96.0336°1757277View Map
Hughes DamDamN35.6934°W99.4420°1755430View Map
Hugo DamDamN34.0168°W95.3769°1751384View Map
Hugo DamDamN34.0107°W95.3813°1094003View Map
Hulah DamDamN36.9267°W96.0836°1751408View Map
Hulah DamDamN36.9312°W96.0825°1094006View Map
Hulah Restocking Pond DamDamN36.9184°W96.1569°1753852View Map
Hunnicutt DamDamN35.5001°W98.6770°1755490View Map
Hunter DamDamN35.0317°W99.1087°1751848View Map
Hutchison Number 1 DamDamN36.0134°W99.4721°1758436View Map
Hutchison Number 2 DamDamN36.0067°W99.4787°1758428View Map
Hutchison Number 5 DamDamN36.0234°W99.4737°1758426View Map
Inola Lake DamDamN36.2001°W95.5169°1751484View Map
Ionine Creek Site 101 DamDamN35.2534°W98.0670°1755049View Map
Ionine Creek Site 102 DamDamN35.2484°W98.6670°1758215View Map
Isabel Loosen Rein DamDamN35.6634°W97.8470°1751750View Map
Isenbart Number 1 DamDamN36.9734°W98.8387°1755230View Map
Isom 3 Lake DamDamN33.9451°W96.2803°1757895View Map
Isom I Lake DamDamN33.9468°W96.2903°1757897View Map
Isom Lake DamDamN33.9384°W96.2703°1751546View Map
J B Hollis DamDamN34.9801°W99.7920°1751462View Map
J B Rivers DamDamN35.5917°W97.8203°1754272View Map
J E McSpadden DamDamN35.1834°W96.8703°1754304View Map
J L Briscoe DamDamN34.8001°W99.5954°1756337View Map
J P Wilson DamDamN35.5334°W98.2303°1751126View Map
J W Quillian 209 DamDamN35.6234°W97.5287°1751068View Map
J-M Ranch DamDamN35.6667°W97.5420°1752327View Map
Jack Coppedge DamDamN34.9934°W96.2953°1754150View Map
Jack Creek Site 1 DamDamN34.4201°W98.6937°1754514View Map
Jack Creek Site 2 DamDamN34.4367°W98.7053°1754516View Map
Jack Creek Site 2a DamDamN34.4701°W98.7153°1754518View Map
Jack Creek Site 2b DamDamN34.4734°W98.7037°1754520View Map
Jack Creek Site 3 DamDamN34.4801°W98.7470°1754522View Map
Jack Creek Site 4 DamDamN34.4217°W98.5037°1754524View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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