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State: OR - Oregon
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Feature Type: Benches

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Artman BasinBenchN44.6154°W119.6567°1161254View Map
Bartlett BenchBenchN45.9568°W117.4635°1129482View Map
Beaver TablesBenchN43.3046°W118.5066°1117457View Map
Bogus BenchBenchN43.0732°W117.5496°1117902View Map
Canadian BenchBenchN44.5773°W121.2909°1139295View Map
Crutcher BenchBenchN45.3654°W121.9440°1140502View Map
Dry Creek BenchBenchN42.3152°W118.0365°1157719View Map
East BenchBenchN43.9785°W117.3099°1120275View Map
High TablelandBenchN42.5515°W121.4267°1143583View Map
Hill BenchBenchN45.1937°W121.3553°1153175View Map
Lincoln BenchBenchN43.8832°W117.1174°1123093View Map
Long IslandBenchN43.5377°W118.4708°1161425View Map
Metolius BenchBenchN44.6335°W121.4256°1146117View Map
Nyssa BenchBenchN43.8638°W117.0927°1157403View Map
Owyhee BenchBenchN43.8027°W117.1385°1158643View Map
Pine BenchBenchN43.3104°W122.5170°1125383View Map
Prairie City BenchBenchN44.3777°W118.6872°1154079View Map
Rock IslandBenchN43.5121°W118.4613°1161491View Map
Stewart BenchBenchN45.5068°W118.7816°1129678View Map
Surveyors BenchesBenchN44.4262°W123.8393°1150707View Map
Tenino BenchBenchN44.7021°W121.3662°1150969View Map
West BenchBenchN43.9696°W117.3941°1128809View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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