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State: OR - Oregon
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Feature Type: Lava

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This search matched 16 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Ahalapam Cinder FieldLavaN44.2026°W121.7828°1137036View Map
Black RockLavaN43.5162°W121.8084°1138211View Map
Broadway LavaLavaN44.4500°W120.0488°1138638View Map
Four Craters Lava FieldLavaN43.3600°W120.6627°2559645View Map
Godfrey Glen and ColonnadesLavaN42.8599°W122.1517°1142795View Map
Jones LavaLavaN44.3911°W120.0774°1144383View Map
Lambert RocksLavaN43.0804°W117.6971°1122925View Map
Lava Cast ForestLavaN43.8001°W121.2914°1158315View Map
Lava IslandLavaN43.9915°W121.3934°1144873View Map
Newberry VolcanoLavaN43.7221°W121.2345°2026612View Map
Peterson LavaLavaN44.4380°W120.0640°1147615View Map
Saddle Butte Lava FieldLavaN42.9699°W117.9018°1126420View Map
Saddle Butte Lava TubeLavaN42.9910°W117.8924°1126421View Map
The Devils GardenLavaN43.5012°W120.9278°1161546View Map
The PotholesLavaN43.7026°W120.9553°1154314View Map
Underwater ForestLavaN44.3707°W121.9928°1167295View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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