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State: OR - Oregon
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Feature Type: Tunnels

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This search matched 27 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
09254B TunnelTunnelN45.5153°W122.6887°2699085View Map
13514H TunnelTunnelN45.5443°W122.5591°2699086View Map
Arch Cape Tunnel 2247TunnelN45.8004°W123.9663°2668254View Map
Cape Creek Tunnel 3961TunnelN44.1319°W124.1223°2668620View Map
Elk Creek Tunnel 3437TunnelN43.6558°W123.5085°2668481View Map
Highway 99 West TunnelTunnelN45.4955°W122.6778°2699447View Map
Knowles Creek Tunnel / Ralph A Peterson Tunnel 7139TunnelN44.0119°W123.7674°2668437View Map
Mosier Twin TunnelsTunnelN45.6851°W121.4206°2699627View Map
Northwest Cornell Road Tunnel 1 B - 125TunnelN45.5312°W122.7161°2699652View Map
Northwest Cornell Road Tunnel 2 B - 127TunnelN45.5286°W122.7215°2699653View Map
Oneonta Tunnel 1759TunnelN45.5896°W122.0748°2699664View Map
Rocky Butte Tunnel B - 102TunnelN45.5461°W122.5679°2699741View Map
Salt Creek Tunnel 2539TunnelN43.6150°W122.1345°2668326View Map
Sunset Tunnel 2552TunnelN45.7306°W123.2521°1127759View Map
Toothrock Tunnel 4555TunnelN45.6381°W121.9363°1151341View Map
Tunnel 8TunnelN42.7112°W123.3984°1166472View Map
Tunnel Number 1TunnelN43.6749°W117.1996°1151517View Map
Tunnel Number 3TunnelN43.7021°W117.1816°1128300View Map
Tunnel Number 5TunnelN43.6802°W117.1754°1128302View Map
Tunnel Number 6TunnelN43.6404°W117.0915°1116738View Map
Tunnel Number 7TunnelN43.6132°W117.0790°1128303View Map
US Highway 30 TunnelTunnelN45.5473°W122.5603°2699913View Map
US Highway 30 TunnelTunnelN45.5477°W122.5605°2699914View Map
Vista Ridge Tunnel Eastbound 9103TunnelN45.5158°W122.6970°2699923View Map
Vista Ridge Tunnel Westbound 9103BTunnelN45.5159°W122.6965°2699924View Map
Walcott TunnelTunnelN45.7069°W123.2637°1158539View Map
West Burnside Street Tunnel Number B - 101TunnelN45.5193°W122.7289°2699937View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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