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State: SD - South Dakota
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Feature Type: Bays

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This search matched 25 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Buffalo BayBayN45.1975°W100.3124°1254111View Map
Dodge BayBayN45.1630°W100.2551°1265183View Map
Gallaway BayBayN45.6500°W100.3554°1263617View Map
Hanson BayBayN45.7367°W100.3046°1263618View Map
Joe Days BayBayN43.0639°W98.7045°1255842View Map
Johnson BayBayN43.1992°W98.3984°1255854View Map
Latin BayBayN45.1469°W100.2629°1256064View Map
North BayBayN43.0928°W98.5729°1256728View Map
Odenbach BayBayN43.1408°W98.8637°1256833View Map
Owens BayBayN43.1605°W98.4531°1256932View Map
Pollock BayBayN45.9011°W100.3290°1263632View Map
Prairie Dog BayBayN43.0775°W98.5612°1257199View Map
Ritter BayBayN45.7439°W100.3660°1263628View Map
Rogo BayBayN45.6508°W100.3804°1263615View Map
Saint Francis BayBayN43.0775°W98.5442°1257592View Map
Saint Phillips BayBayN43.0919°W98.6204°1257741View Map
Smith BayBayN45.5658°W100.4907°1263609View Map
State Line BayBayN45.9403°W100.5285°1258326View Map
Steamboat BayBayN45.1917°W100.2471°1258333View Map
Stove Creek BayBayN45.0236°W100.4493°1258385View Map
Swift Bird BayBayN45.1217°W100.3479°1258481View Map
Vanderlaan BayBayN45.8772°W100.3304°1263634View Map
Whetstone BayBayN43.1883°W98.9129°1258940View Map
Willow Creek BayBayN44.8597°W100.5290°1259019View Map
Wingate ArmBayN45.4200°W97.3584°1259050View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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