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State: SD - South Dakota
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Feature Type: Gaps

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This search matched 24 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big Foot PassGapN43.7986°W102.0527°1261269View Map
Black GapGapN43.9714°W103.1846°1253950View Map
Buffalo GapGapN43.5194°W103.3477°1261363View Map
Cedar PassGapN43.7553°W101.9360°1261428View Map
Chamberlain PassGapN43.8303°W101.6988°1261436View Map
Cottonwood PassGapN43.6383°W102.6432°1261497View Map
Craig PassGapN45.8561°W103.5480°1254530View Map
Custer GapGapN44.1342°W103.4105°1263034View Map
Devils GateGapN43.5525°W101.0257°1266581View Map
Dillon PassGapN43.8436°W102.1952°1261558View Map
Fuller PassGapN45.8761°W103.4799°1255179View Map
Gobbler PassGapN43.5214°W103.4808°1261721View Map
Hughes PassGapN43.8117°W101.6382°1261851View Map
J B PassGapN45.4122°W103.2202°1265262View Map
Jumpoff DivideGapN45.5872°W103.8016°1255896View Map
Norbeck PassGapN43.7750°W102.0021°1262134View Map
O'Neil PassGapN44.2000°W104.0110°1262157View Map
Red GateGapN44.2389°W103.4396°1262273View Map
Reva GapGapN45.5325°W103.1768°1257363View Map
Riley PassGapN45.8411°W103.4757°1257393View Map
Sage Creek PassGapN43.8208°W102.3182°1262350View Map
Summit PassGapN45.3739°W103.1627°1258410View Map
White GateGapN44.2383°W103.4355°1262696View Map
Willard GapGapN45.3522°W103.1127°1262721View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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