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State: SD - South Dakota
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Feature Type: Trails

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bear Gulch TrailTrailN44.4328°W104.0324°1261232View Map
Beaver Ridge TrailTrailN44.4689°W104.0108°1261248View Map
Big Hill Ski TrailTrailN44.4089°W103.9338°1263092View Map
Blackberry TrailTrailN43.8633°W103.4716°1263133View Map
Cathedral Spires TrailTrailN43.8483°W103.5352°1262976View Map
Centennial TrailTrailN43.6333°W103.4399°1263057View Map
Flume TrailTrailN43.9708°W103.4088°1263065View Map
Grizzly Creek TrailTrailN43.8572°W103.4880°1263015View Map
Horse Thief Lake TrailTrailN43.8753°W103.4827°1263066View Map
Iron Creek TrailTrailN44.3367°W103.9966°1261872View Map
Iron Creek TrailTrailN43.8433°W103.4124°1263130View Map
Iron Mountain TrailTrailN43.8405°W103.4402°1263132View Map
Lost Cabin TrailTrailN43.8650°W103.5591°1265822View Map
Norbeck TrailTrailN43.8278°W103.4710°1263016View Map
Paha Sapa TrailTrailN43.8325°W103.5305°1263059View Map
Pettigrew TrailTrailN44.3403°W104.0060°1262197View Map
Rapid Creek TrailTrailN44.0850°W103.5980°1263024View Map
Rim Rock TrailTrailN44.3403°W103.9722°1263094View Map
Rimrock TrailTrailN45.3564°W103.1107°1262309View Map
Rock Spring TrailTrailN45.3647°W103.0963°1262319View Map
Silver Arrow TrailTrailN44.1292°W103.5494°1263036View Map
Sunday Gulch TrailTrailN43.8486°W103.5705°1262981View Map
Sylvan Lake Harney TrailTrailN43.8686°W103.5277°1263074View Map
Willow Creek - Rushmore TrailTrailN43.8753°W103.4877°1263017View Map
Willow Creek TrailTrailN43.8925°W103.5355°1262985View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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