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State: SD - South Dakota
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Feature Type: Wells

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This search matched 25 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bennett WellWellN43.4694°W103.9263°1261257View Map
Blacktail WellWellN43.7603°W103.8716°1261296View Map
Dunn WellWellN45.3333°W103.7138°1254805View Map
East Clarkson WellWellN45.7728°W103.5591°1254829View Map
Flowing WellWellN44.7147°W103.7338°1255092View Map
Four Corners WellWellN43.9155°W103.8269°1263002View Map
Fox WellWellN45.3522°W103.6813°1255138View Map
Freeland WellWellN43.6428°W103.7996°1261697View Map
Gillette WellWellN43.9166°W103.8433°1261712View Map
Griffis WellWellN43.6689°W103.7346°1261751View Map
K and R WellWellN45.8028°W103.4296°1259368View Map
Ketchum WellWellN45.8306°W103.4477°1259371View Map
Layton WellWellN43.6636°W103.7558°1263067View Map
Lemming WellWellN43.8241°W103.8241°1263044View Map
McCall WellWellN43.4786°W103.6277°1263139View Map
North Clarkson WellWellN45.7847°W103.5719°1256737View Map
North Marty WellWellN45.3361°W103.0227°1265842View Map
Pass Creek WellWellN43.5178°W103.9749°1256963View Map
Richardson WellWellN43.6053°W103.7685°1262303View Map
Sisseton City WellsWellN45.6583°W96.9887°1258094View Map
South Mary WellWellN45.3125°W103.0185°1265843View Map
Tepee Canyon WellWellN43.7247°W103.9327°1262562View Map
Thybo WellWellN45.5944°W103.1630°1259359View Map
Walsh WellWellN43.5494°W103.9769°1258811View Map
Y-4 WellWellN43.7064°W103.7524°1262748View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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