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State: TX - Texas
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Feature Type: Pillars

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This search matched 21 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Balance RockPillarN30.7974°W103.9763°1351443View Map
Balanced RockPillarN30.3277°W98.8564°1329960View Map
Boot RockPillarN29.2471°W103.2896°1352684View Map
Cathedral RockPillarN28.2255°W100.0617°1332336View Map
Chimney RockPillarN29.3832°W103.8296°1332762View Map
Corner RockPillarN30.5930°W98.3731°1355006View Map
Devils TombstonePillarN34.9603°W101.6918°1355982View Map
Goose RockPillarN30.5824°W98.3414°1358180View Map
Hickory RockPillarN30.5919°W98.3456°1359133View Map
Needle PointPillarN30.8738°W103.7218°1363639View Map
Needle RockPillarN30.8182°W103.9680°1363640View Map
Paint RockPillarN35.2892°W102.7877°1364697View Map
Pillar RockPillarN30.1488°W99.2225°1344010View Map
School RockPillarN30.5680°W98.3439°1367843View Map
Sow RockPillarN30.5816°W98.3506°1368860View Map
The ChimneysPillarN29.2130°W103.4588°1369773View Map
The Ice Cream ConePillarN30.9287°W105.4441°1369785View Map
The MonumentPillarN30.8304°W103.4649°1369796View Map
The PinnaclePillarN31.7398°W104.3772°1369807View Map
Twin RockPillarN32.3221°W94.3446°1370361View Map
Veterans Memorial MonumentPillarN29.9530°W93.8785°1384092View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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