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State: VT - Vermont
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Feature Type: Bars

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This search matched 20 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Appletree ShoalBarN44.4906°W73.2668°1456171View Map
City ReefBarN44.8100°W73.2782°1456893View Map
Colchester ReefBarN44.5542°W73.3285°1456963View Map
Colchester ShoalBarN44.5484°W73.3329°1456964View Map
Hogback ReefBarN44.5592°W73.3251°1457857View Map
Horseshoe ShoalBarN44.8453°W73.3159°1457896View Map
Jones RockBarN44.5787°W73.3393°1458037View Map
Juniper LedgeBarN44.4384°W73.2743°1458051View Map
Meach CoveBarN44.3628°W73.2696°1458403View Map
Middle ReefBarN44.7603°W73.3346°1458434View Map
Motte ReefBarN44.9316°W73.3347°1458563View Map
Proctor ShoalBarN44.4545°W73.2379°1461821View Map
Quaker Smith ReefBarN44.3859°W73.2951°1459119View Map
Rock DunderBarN44.4462°W73.2601°1459229View Map
Saxton ReefBarN44.4017°W73.2840°1459396View Map
Shelburne ShoalBarN44.4464°W73.2423°1461822View Map
Sister ShoalBarN44.7350°W73.3446°1459525View Map
Stave Island LedgeBarN44.5834°W73.3396°1459688View Map
Townes ReefBarN44.8303°W73.3132°1459941View Map
Windmill Point ReefBarN44.9728°W73.3424°1460298View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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