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State: WA - Washington
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Feature Type: Harbors

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This search matched 18 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Dutch HarborHarborN48.7282°W122.3357°1504600View Map
East WaterwayHarborN47.9840°W122.2235°1511701View Map
Hungry HarborHarborN46.2595°W123.8463°1505667View Map
Hylebos WaterwayHarborN47.2765°W122.3893°1505684View Map
Kenmore Air HarborHarborN47.7568°W122.2554°1505944View Map
Lower Turning BasinHarborN47.2695°W122.3735°1511716View Map
Newport Yacht BasinHarborN47.5793°W122.1971°1509746View Map
Port GambleHarborN47.8393°W122.5757°1531825View Map
Port of Friday HarborHarborN48.5368°W123.0152°1514914View Map
Port of SeattleHarborN47.6137°W122.3530°2547282View Map
Quilcene Boat HavenHarborN47.8015°W122.8677°1524770View Map
Shilshole Bay MarinaHarborN47.6826°W122.4071°1510740View Map
Thea Foss WaterwayHarborN47.2623°W122.4373°1510562View Map
Turning BasinHarborN47.2559°W122.3787°1511706View Map
Upper Turning BasinHarborN47.2632°W122.3626°1514078View Map
Vancouver Lower Turning BasinHarborN45.6298°W122.6965°1513307View Map
Vancouver Upper Turning BasinHarborN45.6212°W122.6798°1513306View Map
Western Yacht HarborHarborN47.6399°W122.3408°2610259View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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