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State: WI - Wisconsin
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Feature Type: Beaches

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
B B Clarke BeachBeachN43.0776°W89.3687°2761872View Map
Bernies BeachBeachN43.0570°W89.3894°2761870View Map
Black River Public BeachBeachN43.8430°W91.2504°1843219View Map
Brittingham BeachBeachN43.0633°W89.3912°2761871View Map
Browns BeachBeachN44.9983°W92.7644°1831731View Map
Esther BeachBeachN43.0474°W89.3585°2761868View Map
Gislason BeachBeachN45.3386°W86.9071°1838054View Map
Half Moon BeachBeachN44.8138°W91.5149°1846685View Map
James Madison BeachBeachN43.0818°W89.3829°2761864View Map
Lions BeachBeachN42.6706°W89.0068°1834077View Map
Marshall BeachBeachN43.0935°W89.4820°2761862View Map
Olbrich BeachBeachN43.0876°W89.3301°2761873View Map
Olin BeachBeachN43.0550°W89.3764°2761869View Map
Pettibone BeachBeachN43.8125°W91.2612°1843370View Map
Silver Lake BeachBeachN43.5516°W89.4729°1843035View Map
Spring Harbor BeachBeachN43.0828°W89.4695°2761863View Map
Tenney BeachBeachN43.0935°W89.3722°2761865View Map
Terrace BeachBeachN43.8333°W88.9309°1575314View Map
Vilas BeachBeachN43.0580°W89.4112°2761867View Map
Warner BeachBeachN43.1259°W89.3771°2761866View Map
Wheeler Lake Swimming BeachBeachN45.3094°W88.4734°1580993View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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