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State: WV - West Virginia
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Feature Type: Lakes

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This search matched 19 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bass LakeLakeN37.7123°W80.8885°1535302View Map
Blue Goose PondLakeN38.9987°W82.0421°1536122View Map
Crystal LakeLakeN39.3270°W80.7952°1537887View Map
Douglas LakeLakeN37.3640°W81.0889°1550946View Map
Forest City LakeLakeN39.3844°W81.2439°1551154View Map
Harts PondLakeN38.0229°W82.1299°1540038View Map
Hillside LakeLakeN39.4245°W77.9471°1540303View Map
Lake RileyLakeN39.0192°W80.5602°1545749View Map
Lake ShawneeLakeN37.4057°W81.1418°1546646View Map
Lake ThomasLakeN39.4629°W77.9735°1548037View Map
Lake WashingtonLakeN38.4087°W82.0065°1548827View Map
Mam-Maw LakeLakeN38.1730°W82.3968°1542704View Map
Neal PondLakeN39.1588°W81.7416°1544067View Map
Rainbow PondLakeN37.4663°W80.4418°1552578View Map
Ritchies PondLakeN38.9533°W81.7504°1545764View Map
Simon Fish PondLakeN37.3526°W81.0632°1552897View Map
Swan PondLakeN39.4699°W77.8768°1727634View Map
Tomlinson Run LakeLakeN40.5435°W80.5879°1548126View Map
Trout PondLakeN38.9551°W78.7361°1553264View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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