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Chestertown, New York Topographic Map

USGS Map Title: Chestertown, NY
USGS Map MRC: 43073F7
DRG (GeoTIFF) Download: o43073f7.tif

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Map MRC Location:

H8 H7 H6 H5 H4 H3 H2 H1
G8 G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 G1
F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 F1
E8 E7 E6 E5 E4 E3 E2 E1
D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1
C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1
B8 B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1
A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1

Chestertown, NY USGS 1:24K Topographic Map Preview:
Chestertown, NY USGS Topographic Map
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This topographic map contains these locations and features:
Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Adirondack Natural Stone BridgeArchN43.7470°W73.8532°958300View Map
Alligator PondLakeN43.6789°W73.8275°942380View Map
Andrew PondLakeN43.7402°W73.8193°942468View Map
Baldwin MountainSummitN43.6967°W73.7832°942905View Map
Bartonville MountainSummitN43.6834°W73.7504°943124View Map
Blythewood IslandIslandN43.6817°W73.8549°944368View Map
Central SchoolSchoolN43.6495°W73.8023°946313View Map
Central SchoolSchoolN43.7295°W73.8310°946315View Map
Chester CreekStreamN43.6753°W73.7773°946541View Map
Chester Rural CemeteryCemeteryN43.6416°W73.8000°2559602View Map
ChestertownPopulated PlaceN43.6526°W73.8010°946543View Map
Chestertown Census Designated PlaceCensusN43.6461°W73.7946°2628043View Map
Chestertown Volunteer Fire CompanyBuildingN43.6565°W73.8060°2735479View Map
Densmore PondLakeN43.7154°W73.7917°948324View Map
Dillingham CemeteryCemeteryN43.6285°W73.8287°2559603View Map
Eagle PointCapeN43.7473°W73.7915°948934View Map
Eli PondLakeN43.7482°W73.8292°949474View Map
Ethan MountainSummitN43.7287°W73.8701°949723View Map
Faxons PondLakeN43.6556°W73.8121°949937View Map
Ford BrookStreamN43.7456°W73.8449°970135View Map
Friends LakeLakeN43.6260°W73.8440°950735View Map
Fuller BrookStreamN43.7306°W73.8260°950778View Map
Glendale Drive-In (historical)LocaleN43.7325°W73.8208°2558036View Map
Grasshopper HillSummitN43.7223°W73.7771°951558View Map
Horicon Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuildingN43.6756°W73.7511°2718230View Map
Interchange 25CrossingN43.6684°W73.7785°974490View Map
Interchange 26CrossingN43.7240°W73.8221°974496View Map
Jenks SwampSwampN43.6973°W73.8012°953987View Map
Keil MountainSummitN43.7068°W73.7598°2740975View Map
Kipp MountainSummitN43.6990°W73.8393°954702View Map
Loon LakeLakeN43.6787°W73.8557°955978View Map
Marshall BrookStreamN43.7353°W73.8407°956567View Map
Meade MountainSummitN43.7012°W73.8676°956870View Map
Meade PondLakeN43.6303°W73.7982°956871View Map
Mountain Spring LakeLakeN43.7140°W73.8425°957963View Map
North Warren Emergency SquadBuildingN43.6607°W73.7908°2720222View Map
Palmer PondLakeN43.6465°W73.8698°959795View Map
Panther MountainSummitN43.6465°W73.7885°959824View Map
Phoebes KnobSummitN43.7415°W73.7612°960319View Map
Pitt CemeteryCemeteryN43.6512°W73.7571°2559601View Map
PottersvillePopulated PlaceN43.7312°W73.8193°961055View Map
Pottersville Census Designated PlaceCensusN43.7363°W73.8211°2631631View Map
Pottersville New CemeteryCemeteryN43.7287°W73.8207°2559605View Map
Pottersville Old CemeteryCemeteryN43.7300°W73.8203°2559606View Map
Pottersville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuildingN43.7235°W73.8258°2735482View Map
Round Top MountainSummitN43.6976°W73.8743°963033View Map
Signal HillSummitN43.6798°W73.7954°965222View Map
Smith PondLakeN43.7099°W73.8003°965509View Map
South HoriconPopulated PlaceN43.6545°W73.7607°965786View Map
Starbuckhill CemeteryCemeteryN43.6381°W73.7596°966249View Map
StarbuckvillePopulated PlaceN43.6734°W73.7776°966250View Map
Sullivan PondLakeN43.6329°W73.8179°966749View Map
Town of ChesterCivilN43.6884°W73.8658°978823View Map
Trout BrookStreamN43.7217°W73.8149°967868View Map
Underwood CemeteryCemeteryN43.7210°W73.7586°968131View Map
Valentine PondLakeN43.7182°W73.7690°968350View Map
Village Estates Mobile Home ParkPopulated PlaceN43.6511°W73.7996°2599464View Map
Warner PondLakeN43.7148°W73.8328°968810View Map
West Church CemeteryCemeteryN43.6537°W73.8331°2559604View Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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