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Topozone Replacement

I used to be a heavy Topozone user, but in early April, Topozone was bought out by and ceased to provide useful topographic map viewing functionality.  Argh!  Time to find a Topozone alternative.  So, seeing that I have a heavy background in web application development with Linux, PHP and MySQL, plus a lot of experience in digital mapping, I decided to craft a replacement as quickly as possible to replicate the functionality Topozone used to have.

If you have Topozone map URL's, you can quickly and easily turn them into the TopoQuest equivalent.  All you need to do is replace with in the URL, and leave everything else the same.  A PHP script on our web server will translate the Topozone URL into the TopoQuest equivalent.

For example, let's say you have this old Topozone URL on your website and need something still useable:

All you need to do is replace in the example URL above with

For a topographic map browsing browsing alternative to Topozone, you can use our Map Viewer instead.  To search for a location, landmark or feature, you can use our Find Places search tool.  To locate a particular USGS topographic map, our Find Maps tool is what you're after.

And, we have a few additional features Topozone never had.  You can download any of the topographic maps in DRG (GeoTIFF) form for free, for use with your own mapping applications like USGS DLGView, Fugawi, etc..


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