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Exit182, Colorado

Exit182 is a crater located in Douglas County, CO at N39.38028° W104.86083° (NAD83) and at an elevation of 6145 ft MSL.
It can be seen on the USGS 1:24K topographic map Castle Rock North, CO.

Feature Type: Crater
Latitude: N39.38028° (NAD83 datum)
Longitude: W104.86083°
Elevation: 6145 ft MSL
County: Douglas County, Colorado
USGS 24K Map: Castle Rock North, CO
USGS 24K MRC: 39104D7

You can view this location or feature in our Topographic Map Viewer now.

Topographic Map of Exit182, CO
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Here are some other places near Exit182 that may be of interest:

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude Distance View Map
Academy Charter SchoolSchoolN39.3838°W104.8715°0.6 milesView Map
Arapahoe CanalCanalN39.4778°W104.7922°7.7 milesView Map
Bayou GulchValleyN39.4343°W104.7670°6.2 milesView Map
Bear Canyon ChurchChurchN39.3680°W104.9605°5.4 milesView Map
Beverly HillsPopulated PlaceN39.4750°W104.8797°6.6 milesView Map
Beverly HillsPopulated PlaceN39.4747°W104.8774°6.6 milesView Map
Beverly Hills Census Designated PlaceCensusN39.4796°W104.8794°6.9 milesView Map
Buffalo Ridge Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.4659°W104.8941°6.2 milesView Map
Castle OaksPopulated PlaceN39.3920°W104.8107°2.8 milesView Map
Castle PinesPopulated PlaceN39.4580°W104.8961°5.7 milesView Map
Castle Pines NorthPopulated PlaceN39.4717°W104.8948°6.6 milesView Map
Castle Pines VillagePopulated PlaceN39.4319°W104.8919°3.9 milesView Map
Castle Pines Village Census Designated PlaceCensusN39.4421°W104.8972°4.7 milesView Map
Castle RockPopulated PlaceN39.3722°W104.8561°0.6 milesView Map
Castle RockSummitN39.3789°W104.8561°0.3 milesView Map
Castle Rock Adventist HospitalHospitalN39.4050°W104.8843°2.1 milesView Map
Castle Rock Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3826°W104.8480°0.7 milesView Map
Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department Station 151 HeadquartersBuildingN39.3727°W104.8584°0.5 milesView Map
Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department Station 152BuildingN39.3698°W104.8384°1.4 milesView Map
Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department Station 153BuildingN39.3672°W104.8059°3.1 milesView Map
Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department Station 154BuildingN39.4005°W104.8830°1.8 milesView Map
Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department Station 155BuildingN39.4177°W104.8384°2.9 milesView Map
Castle Rock Middle SchoolSchoolN39.4096°W104.8921°2.6 milesView Map
Castle Rock Police DepartmentBuildingN39.3709°W104.8584°0.7 milesView Map
Castle Rock Post OfficePost OfficeN39.3648°W104.8597°1.1 milesView Map
Castle View High SchoolSchoolN39.4130°W104.8938°2.9 milesView Map
Castlewood NorthPopulated PlaceN39.3843°W104.7767°4.5 milesView Map
Cedar Hill CemeteryCemeteryN39.3795°W104.8717°0.6 milesView Map
Cherokee MountainSummitN39.4500°W104.9366°6.3 milesView Map
Christian Way School of Plum CreekSchoolN39.3807°W104.8675°0.4 milesView Map
City of Castle PinesCivilN39.4625°W104.8706°5.7 milesView Map
Clear Sky Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3826°W104.9043°2.3 milesView Map
Colorado Cyber School eDCSDSchoolN39.3731°W104.8557°0.6 milesView Map
Colorado State Patrol Castle Rock Troop Office 1CBuildingN39.4075°W104.8672°1.9 milesView Map
Continental Divide RacewayLocaleN39.3358°W104.8819°3.3 milesView Map
Curtis DitchCanalN39.3773°W104.9581°5.2 milesView Map
Daniel C Oakes High SchoolSchoolN39.3610°W104.8593°1.3 milesView Map
Daniels ParkParkN39.4786°W104.9194°7.5 milesView Map
Dawson ButteSummitN39.3003°W104.9375°6.9 milesView Map
Denver-Douglas Landing Strip (historical)AirportN39.4142°W104.8775°2.5 milesView Map
Douglas CountyCivilN39.3297°W104.9296°5.1 milesView Map
Douglas County High SchoolSchoolN39.3898°W104.8569°0.7 milesView Map
Douglas County Medical HeliportAirportN39.4217°W104.8725°2.9 milesView Map
Douglas County Schools Montessori Charter SchoolSchoolN39.4723°W104.8801°6.4 milesView Map
Douglas County Sheriff's OfficeBuildingN39.4034°W104.8644°1.6 milesView Map
Douglas County Sheriff's Office - CivilBuildingN39.4033°W104.8646°1.6 milesView Map
Douglas County Sheriff's Office - CrimeBuildingN39.4033°W104.8646°1.6 milesView Map
Douglas County Sheriff's Office - RecordsBuildingN39.4033°W104.8646°1.6 milesView Map
Exit 183CrossingN39.4000°W104.8619°1.4 milesView Map
Exit 184CrossingN39.4128°W104.8683°2.3 milesView Map
Exit 187CrossingN39.4722°W104.8728°6.4 milesView Map
Exit182CraterN39.3803°W104.8608°0.0 milesView Map
Flagstone Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3686°W104.7901°3.9 milesView Map
Founders VillagePopulated PlaceN39.3758°W104.8086°2.8 milesView Map
Franktown Fire Protection District Station 184BuildingN39.4347°W104.7720°6.1 milesView Map
Franktown Parker FPA-6 DamDamN39.3017°W104.7822°6.9 milesView Map
Franktown Parker FPA-6 ReservoirReservoirN39.3017°W104.7822°6.9 milesView Map
Franktown Parker FPM-1 DamDamN39.4033°W104.7872°4.2 milesView Map
Franktown Parker FPM-1 ReservoirReservoirN39.4033°W104.7872°4.2 milesView Map
Franktown Parker FPW-1 DamDamN39.3567°W104.7822°4.5 milesView Map
Franktown Parker FPW-1 ReservoirReservoirN39.3556°W104.7830°4.5 milesView Map
Franktown PitMineN39.4003°W104.7683°5.1 milesView Map
Glade GulchValleyN39.2978°W104.8841°5.8 milesView Map
Hangmans GulchValleyN39.3910°W104.8676°0.8 milesView Map
Happy CanyonPopulated PlaceN39.4350°W104.8705°3.8 milesView Map
Happy Canyon Census Designated PlaceCensusN39.4361°W104.8720°3.9 milesView Map
Happy Canyon RanchesPopulated PlaceN39.4416°W104.8639°4.2 milesView Map
Haskings GulchValleyN39.4239°W104.9038°3.8 milesView Map
Hunt GulchValleyN39.2888°W104.8454°6.4 milesView Map
Jackson 105 Fire Department Station 142BuildingN39.3687°W104.9579°5.2 milesView Map
Kelgun AirportAirportN39.3080°W104.8150°5.6 milesView Map
Kinney CreekStreamN39.4780°W104.7694°8.3 milesView Map
KYBG-FM (Castle Rock)TowerN39.4275°W104.8672°3.3 milesView Map
Lemon GulchValleyN39.4759°W104.7714°8.1 milesView Map
M Y M MineMineN39.3822°W104.8844°1.3 milesView Map
McMurdo GulchValleyN39.4319°W104.7687°6.1 milesView Map
Meadow View Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.4104°W104.9034°3.1 milesView Map
Mesa Middle SchoolSchoolN39.3737°W104.7965°3.5 milesView Map
Mitchell GulchValleyN39.4050°W104.7664°5.3 milesView Map
Monte Vista EstatesPopulated PlaceN39.3653°W104.9214°3.4 milesView Map
Monte Vista Estates Census Designated PlaceCensusN39.3702°W104.9223°3.4 milesView Map
Montessori School of Castle RockSchoolN39.3687°W104.8539°0.9 milesView Map
North GulchValleyN39.2887°W104.8478°6.4 milesView Map
Oakland School (historical)SchoolN39.3703°W104.9555°5.1 milesView Map
OrsaPopulated PlaceN39.4222°W104.9139°4.1 milesView Map
Pikes Peak GrangeLocaleN39.4089°W104.7622°5.6 milesView Map
Racoon KnobSummitN39.4528°W104.9308°6.2 milesView Map
Renaissance Expeditionary Magnet SchoolSchoolN39.4029°W104.8574°1.6 milesView Map
Richlawn HillsPopulated PlaceN39.4657°W104.7826°7.2 milesView Map
Riley HillSlopeN39.4733°W104.9216°7.2 milesView Map
Rock ParkParkN39.3808°W104.8569°0.2 milesView Map
Rock Ridge Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3721°W104.8139°2.6 milesView Map
Round Top SchoolSchoolN39.4514°W104.8822°5.0 milesView Map
Sage Canyon Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3891°W104.8226°2.1 milesView Map
Scott GulchValleyN39.4544°W104.7683°7.1 milesView Map
SedaliaPopulated PlaceN39.4369°W104.9597°6.6 milesView Map
Sellers GulchValleyN39.3712°W104.8631°0.6 milesView Map
Silver HeightsPopulated PlaceN39.4180°W104.8658°2.6 milesView Map
Silver Heights Census Designated PlaceCensusN39.4183°W104.8662°2.6 milesView Map
Soaring Hawk Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3937°W104.9128°2.9 milesView Map
South Metro Fire Rescue Authority Station 36BuildingN39.4727°W104.8775°6.4 milesView Map
South Metro Fire Rescue Authority Station 39BuildingN39.4317°W104.8972°4.0 milesView Map
South Metro Fire Rescue Authority Station 46BuildingN39.4778°W104.7651°8.5 milesView Map
South Newlin GulchValleyN39.4795°W104.8394°6.9 milesView Map
South Ridge Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.3695°W104.8446°1.1 milesView Map
Timber Trail Elementary SchoolSchoolN39.4732°W104.8989°6.7 milesView Map
TomahPopulated PlaceN39.3019°W104.8900°5.6 milesView Map
Tomah Census Designated PlaceCensusN39.3052°W104.9062°5.7 milesView Map
Town of Castle RockCivilN39.3761°W104.8536°0.5 milesView Map
Upper Lake GulchValleyN39.2891°W104.7708°7.9 milesView Map
Wildcat PointCliffN39.4733°W104.9233°7.2 milesView Map
Woodlands AcademySchoolN39.3813°W104.8677°0.4 milesView Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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