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Big Woods, Louisiana

Big Woods is a forest located in Vermilion County, LA at N29.85993° W92.18346° (NAD83) and at an elevation of 3 ft MSL.
It can be seen on the USGS 1:24K topographic map Intracoastal City, LA.

Feature Type: Forest
Latitude: N29.85993° (NAD83 datum)
Longitude: W92.18346°
Elevation: 3 ft MSL
County: Vermilion County, Louisiana
USGS 24K Map: Intracoastal City, LA
USGS 24K MRC: 29092G2

You can view this location or feature in our Topographic Map Viewer now.

Topographic Map of Big Woods, LA
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Here are some other places near Big Woods that may be of interest:

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude Distance View Map
Badon CemeteryCemeteryN29.9516°W92.2501°7.5 milesView Map
BanckerPopulated PlaceN29.8852°W92.1243°4.0 milesView Map
Bancker CanalCanalN29.8902°W92.1543°2.7 milesView Map
Bancker CemeteryCemeteryN29.8838°W92.1260°3.8 milesView Map
Bancker FerryCrossingN29.8858°W92.1260°3.9 milesView Map
Bancker Post Office (historical)Post OfficeN29.8855°W92.1243°4.0 milesView Map
Bayou GladStreamN29.7710°W92.1624°6.3 milesView Map
Bayou SorrowStreamN29.7744°W92.1635°6.0 milesView Map
Bebe BayouBayN29.7734°W92.1298°6.8 milesView Map
Bebe LakeBayN29.7814°W92.1278°6.4 milesView Map
Big WoodsForestN29.8599°W92.1835°0.0 milesView Map
Big Woods IslandIslandN29.8599°W92.1832°0.0 milesView Map
Bill CanalCanalN29.9299°W92.2132°5.2 milesView Map
Briggs CemeteryCemeteryN29.8799°W92.1962°1.6 milesView Map
Briggs ChapelChurchN29.8827°W92.1987°1.8 milesView Map
Broussard CanalCanalN29.9105°W92.2340°4.6 milesView Map
Bull Hole CanalCanalN29.8852°W92.1876°1.8 milesView Map
Central Industries AirportAirportN29.7860°W92.1615°5.3 milesView Map
Church of GodChurchN29.9583°W92.1401°7.3 milesView Map
Coulee Baton CanalCanalN29.9094°W92.2512°5.3 milesView Map
Cow IslandLocaleN29.8972°W92.2621°5.4 milesView Map
Cow Island Number One CanalCanalN29.9344°W92.2671°7.2 milesView Map
Cow Island Number Two CanalCanalN29.9416°W92.2490°6.9 milesView Map
Cow Island Trunkline HeliportAirportN29.8855°W92.2724°5.6 milesView Map
Danny Richard MarinaHarborN29.7990°W92.1391°5.0 milesView Map
East Broussard SchoolSchoolN29.9002°W92.2629°5.5 milesView Map
Era HeliportAirportN29.8224°W92.1382°3.8 milesView Map
Ernest Broussard Agriculture School (historical)SchoolN29.9002°W92.2632°5.5 milesView Map
Ernest Broussard High SchoolSchoolN29.8635°W92.2665°5.0 milesView Map
EstherPopulated PlaceN29.8444°W92.1751°1.2 milesView Map
Esther Baptist ChurchChurchN29.8429°W92.1810°1.2 milesView Map
Esther Gas FieldOilfieldN29.8460°W92.1765°1.0 milesView Map
Esther Post OfficePost OfficeN29.8444°W92.1746°1.2 milesView Map
Exxon Intracoastal City Terminal Seaplane BaseAirportN29.8249°W92.1329°3.9 milesView Map
Forked Island - East Broussard Elementary SchoolSchoolN29.8630°W92.2654°4.9 milesView Map
Four Mile CutoffBayN29.7622°W92.1268°7.6 milesView Map
Goat IslandIslandN29.8683°W92.2032°1.3 milesView Map
Grant Line CanalCanalN29.8783°W92.0937°5.5 milesView Map
Grophes IslandIslandN29.7808°W92.2271°6.1 milesView Map
Gum IslandIslandN29.8419°W92.2560°4.5 milesView Map
Hall-Schultz CanalCanalN29.8374°W92.1962°1.7 milesView Map
Harrington CemeteryCemeteryN29.8460°W92.2740°5.5 milesView Map
Harrington Flying Service Airport (historical)AirportN29.9211°W92.2482°5.7 milesView Map
Harrington School (historical)SchoolN29.8635°W92.2665°5.0 milesView Map
Hebert CanalCanalN29.8230°W92.2010°2.8 milesView Map
Hebert CanalCanalN29.9302°W92.1990°4.9 milesView Map
Hebert CemeteryCemeteryN29.9358°W92.1904°5.3 milesView Map
Holmes CanalCanalN29.9297°W92.2068°5.0 milesView Map
Intracoastal CityPopulated PlaceN29.7844°W92.1562°5.5 milesView Map
Intracoastal City Gas FieldOilfieldN29.7622°W92.1535°7.0 milesView Map
Intracoastal City HeliportAirportN29.7960°W92.1501°4.8 milesView Map
Intracoastal City HeliportAirportN29.7841°W92.1637°5.4 milesView Map
J and L Mobile Home ParkPopulated PlaceN29.8780°W92.1765°1.3 milesView Map
Ken Guidry Number 1 AirportAirportN29.9346°W92.2110°5.4 milesView Map
Lake BebeBayN29.7678°W92.1063°7.9 milesView Map
Lake CleodisBayN29.7634°W92.0835°9.0 milesView Map
Lake TripodBayN29.7618°W92.0925°8.7 milesView Map
Le Boeuf CanalCanalN29.9480°W92.1854°6.1 milesView Map
Le Maire CemeteryCemeteryN29.9552°W92.2587°8.0 milesView Map
Leland Bowman LockDamN29.7839°W92.1970°5.3 milesView Map
Little BayouStreamN29.8441°W92.1301°3.4 milesView Map
Live Oak Landing StripAirportN29.8237°W92.1231°4.4 milesView Map
Live Oak Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN29.7988°W92.1321°5.2 milesView Map
Live Oak PlantationLocaleN29.8224°W92.1243°4.4 milesView Map
Long LakeBayN29.7668°W92.1029°8.0 milesView Map
Magee CanalCanalN29.8383°W92.0851°6.1 milesView Map
Maple IslandIslandN29.8263°W92.1004°5.5 milesView Map
Meaux CanalCanalN29.8277°W92.1621°2.6 milesView Map
Miller Island CanalCanalN29.8710°W92.2285°2.8 milesView Map
Mouton CanalCanalN29.9144°W92.1657°3.9 milesView Map
Mouton CovePopulated PlaceN29.8760°W92.1748°1.2 milesView Map
Mouton Cove CemeteryCemeteryN29.8744°W92.1604°1.7 milesView Map
Mouton Landing StripAirportN29.9169°W92.2337°5.0 milesView Map
Mud LakeBayN29.7826°W92.1233°6.4 milesView Map
Noel CanalCanalN29.9310°W92.1876°4.9 milesView Map
North BayouBayN29.7739°W92.1067°7.5 milesView Map
North Prong of Schooner BayouBayN29.7640°W92.2610°8.1 milesView Map
Onion LakeBayN29.7703°W92.1189°7.3 milesView Map
Palmetto IslandIslandN29.8613°W92.1471°2.2 milesView Map
Parish Governing Authority District 4CivilN29.9584°W92.1284°7.6 milesView Map
PerryPopulated PlaceN29.9485°W92.1571°6.3 milesView Map
Perry BridgeBridgeN29.9513°W92.1565°6.5 milesView Map
Perry Gas FieldOilfieldN29.9433°W92.1807°5.8 milesView Map
Perry High School (historical)SchoolN29.9505°W92.1579°6.4 milesView Map
Perry Post OfficePost OfficeN29.9485°W92.1593°6.3 milesView Map
Perry-O'Bryan CemeteryCemeteryN29.9485°W92.1535°6.4 milesView Map
Peter Lee IslandIslandN29.8358°W92.0926°5.7 milesView Map
Pleasant Grove ChurchChurchN29.8769°W92.1601°1.8 milesView Map
Port of VermilionLocaleN29.8947°W92.1182°4.6 milesView Map
Rose HillPopulated PlaceN29.9172°W92.1282°5.2 milesView Map
Rose Hill Baptist ChurchChurchN29.8835°W92.1068°4.9 milesView Map
Roy Lee Landing StripAirportN29.8233°W92.1485°3.3 milesView Map
Sagrera Landing StripAirportN29.8288°W92.1982°2.3 milesView Map
Saint Anne Catholic ChurchChurchN29.8985°W92.2621°5.4 milesView Map
Saint James Catholic ChurchChurchN29.8441°W92.1735°1.2 milesView Map
Saint Paul CemeteryCemeteryN29.9563°W92.1351°7.3 milesView Map
Sassafras IslandIslandN29.8335°W92.2418°3.9 milesView Map
Schriefer Airstrip (historical)AirportN29.9363°W92.1626°5.4 milesView Map
Seventh Ward CanalCanalN29.8663°W92.2299°2.8 milesView Map
Seventh Ward Elementary SchoolSchoolN29.8756°W92.1734°1.2 milesView Map
Seventh Ward Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuildingN29.8570°W92.1774°0.4 milesView Map
Shell Morgan LandingLocaleN29.7832°W92.1559°5.6 milesView Map
Sorbet CanalCanalN29.9019°W92.1579°3.3 milesView Map
Southwest Esther Gas FieldOilfieldN29.8330°W92.2376°3.7 milesView Map
Stump IslandIslandN29.8110°W92.0987°6.1 milesView Map
Tenneco Intracoastal HeliportAirportN29.7830°W92.1568°5.6 milesView Map
Thannas IslandIslandN29.8199°W92.2776°6.3 milesView Map
TheallPopulated PlaceN29.8769°W92.2171°2.3 milesView Map
Theall Gas FieldOilfieldN29.8613°W92.2182°2.1 milesView Map
Touchet Mobile Home ParkPopulated PlaceN29.9572°W92.0977°8.5 milesView Map
Touchets CanalCanalN29.8605°W92.2785°5.7 milesView Map
Union Oil Company of California HeliportAirportN29.7916°W92.1493°5.1 milesView Map
Vermilion Parish Fire Protection District 13BuildingN29.8457°W92.2735°5.5 milesView Map
Vermilion Parish Library Cow Island BranchBuildingN29.8634°W92.2655°4.9 milesView Map
Vermilion Parish Police JuryBuildingN29.9181°W92.1980°4.1 milesView Map
Vermilion Parish Police JuryBuildingN29.9225°W92.2494°5.9 milesView Map
Vermilion Parish Sheriff's OfficeBuildingN29.9468°W92.0924°8.1 milesView Map
Vermilion RiverBayN29.7650°W92.1538°6.8 milesView Map
Williams CanalCanalN29.9402°W92.2243°6.1 milesView Map
Youngs CanalCanalN29.9177°W92.0910°6.8 milesView Map
Youngs North CouleeStreamN29.9419°W92.0937°7.8 milesView Map
Youngs South CouleeStreamN29.9422°W92.0937°7.8 milesView Map

Note: Coordinates in the location and feature list above are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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